Rivera to Cashman: I Want To Play

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of Yankee fans celebrating.

According to a report in the New York Post Mariano Rivera has called GM Brian Cashman and told him that he wants to play in 2013. Rivera, who missed most of last season after tearing his ACL, was unsure about his return in recent weeks according to sources.

So, Yankee fans can exhale. We have our iconic closer back. All that needs to be done now is for the team and Rivera to work out a deal for the 2013 season – Rivera made $15M last season.

This news has made my Saturday a whole lot brighter. Hopefully Mo will be close to 100% when he makes his return but even if he isn’t, just having him around will be a big boost for the club.

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9 thoughts on “Rivera to Cashman: I Want To Play

  1. Can we get some speculation on how much(or little) he would be willing to play for? This seems like it’s going to be his last season right? any chance they sign him to a two year deal with the second being a team option?

  2. I'd think it'd be $10m for a year with a player option for like 7m the next year. I doubt it'd be a team option. Probably go the route they did with Jeter, a player option year at a lower rate than they probably could command on the open market.

  3. I'd think they'd go year to year with him. He won't stay if he can't perform. One year deal for whatever he made this past year and see how it goes.

  4. One of the things I admire about Mo is his willingness to go for every last dollar…

    This is a business, and Rivera certainly doesn't owe it to the yankees or their fans to take less than he thinks his agent can negotiate

    • the closer position is wildly overrated anyways…

      It's more personal for me.. I want Rivera around because I just want him around, the team doesn't need him or his leadership anymore, but who cares, it's freaking MARIANO

      • I think any team could always use the kind of leadership Rivera provides, but that aside, yes, I just want to see him pitch another season, and to give my four-year-old a chance to see him, too (last year, he kept asking about the man who hurt his knee, so I'm happy to tell him that the knee is all better, and we can watch him play next year).