Martin and the Yankees are discussing 2013

Anthony McCarron of the Daily News reports that Russell Martin and the Yankees are in discussions to keep him in Pinstripes.

Martin’s rep, Matt Colleran, says the talks have been positive so far.

“The organization, he loves it, working with the staff, manager, coaches and players. It was all very positive. We’ll see what happens as we move along here.”

Martin, who turns 30 in February, had an odd 2012. He started off abysmally, picked things up in the second half – especially in September – and then he caught what was ailing the rest of the Yankee offense in the playoffs and only batted .161.

He finished 2012 with a .211 batting average and a .311 OBP but he hit a career-high 21 home runs. Martin’s career line is .260/.352/.399/.751 with 93 home runs and 418 RBI.

Making Martin’s 2012 especially odd was that he was healthy all year. There were no nagging injuries to explain his drop in batting average – his average was below .200 as late as early September.

What I haven’t seen discussed in all of the Martin talk from this morning was how his re-signing with the Yankees could make Hiroki Kuroda‘s decision to stay in New York a sure thing. They work well together, they’re familiar with each other and I think signing Martin should be a no-brainer.

As for the Martin’s heirs waiting in the wings down in the minors: Austin Romine‘s balky back scares me and Gary Sanchez is still really young.

So get this done, Cashman. Bring ‘Russell’s muscle’ back into the fold in 2013.

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5 thoughts on “Martin and the Yankees are discussing 2013

  1. Signing Martin should be a priority. He will buy Gary Sanchez some time to develop. Your take on Romine is spot on, although he does show considerable ability, particularly defensively. But a catcher with a balky back is risky, especially at his young age. And that .211 batting average just didn't seem right. The guy hit a ton of ball right at people it seemed. You have to think you'd see an uptick in 2013. And the Kuroda connection shouldn't be minimized. He will be a big part of the 2013 rotation should he decide to return. He would be the 2 starter on merit. This year he was the 2 mainly because the others were either not quite there (Hughes), injured (Pettitte) or ineffective (Nova).

  2. We're talking just 2013, correct? That would be great. He seemed to come up in some big spots and if it keeps Kuroda here, I'd really love it. Just as long as it's not more than a season.

  3. A .211 batting average?? That is pretty sad……and folks wonder why we can't win in the postseason.