Cashman to speak to Hunter’s agent

The annual general managers’ meeting will take place from tomorrow through Friday, and Ken Davidoff and George King of the Post note that Brian Cashman is expected to meet with Larry Reynolds, the agent of free agent outfielder Torii Hunter, at some point during the festivities. In fact, Cashman will meet with every agent who attends the meetings, including Scott Boras, but the meeting with Reynolds could be especially important, as the Yankees are looking for a bargain to play right field for them and Hunter has expressed interest in playing for the Bombers.

The 37 year old Hunter hit .313./.365/.451 with 16 home runs and a wRC+ of 130 in 2012, and has produced a wRC+ above 105 in every season since 2004. Given his general productivity and solid defense, he’d be a fine option to fill a short-term role in the Yankees’ outfield if they could get him on a reasonable deal (preferably no longer than one season), but I’m not sure I wouldn’t prefer Ichiro Suzuki to him based on the speed factor.

For what it’s worth, the Red Sox are also apparently interested in signing Hunter, and he seems to be pretty keen on the idea of playing with his good friend David Ortiz.

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6 thoughts on “Cashman to speak to Hunter’s agent

  1. Great going Yanks. You really need another 37 year old player to change the chemistry on this crumbling team. Save those bucks!!

    • All things considered, I'd actually probably prefer Hunter or Ichiro on a one year deal to giving Swisher a 5+ year contract. Money ain't a thang, but even the Yankees only get 25 roster spots.

  2. Either Torii Hunter on a 2 year/$20MM deal max or Ichiro on a 1 year deal with an additional vesting opting for 2014 would be very acceptable in my opinion. Either one of those deals would allow the Yankees to keep the outfield spot open for one of the highly touted prospects for the 2015 season to take over. And it would keep the Yankees options open for getting under the Luxury Tax threshold for 2014.

  3. Ichiro would be a better choice. There's going to be a bunch of one year wonders flying around next year as management tries to finesse its way around the self-imposed cap for 2014. Once they get past that they'll revert to their old style, or at least something that resembles it.