Diamondbacks looking to trade Upton, Bauer

Justin Upton was rumored to be available in a trade back before the trading deadline, but ultimately nothing came of that, and the speculation was that Arizona would look to trade him in the offseason when they could get a larger return for him. And indeed, Ken Rosenthal reports that the Diamondbacks are actively looking to move their 25 year old star this winter. That’s not much of a surprise, but according to Jerry Crasnick, they’re also willing to listen to offers for their top prospect, right-handed pitcher Trevor Bauer. Bauer has apparently fallen out of favor within the Diamondbacks’ organization.

In both cases, the Yankees have no choice but to at least make a call to see what Arizona wants for their stars, but I really can’t see them having enough to acquire Upton. Unless Kevin Towers is really high on a prospect or two in the Yankees’ system from his time working under Brian Cashman, I just can’t see the Yankees having enough chips to beat the offers other teams will likely make for Upton (Rosenthal mentions Elvis Andrus as a possible return). Stranger things have happened though, and Arizona basically just traded away Chris Young to acquire Heath Bell, so who even knows what they’re thinking right now. As for Bauer, if the Yankees could find a swap Arizona was interested in he could provide them with the potential high end young pitcher they really need for 2014 and beyond now that Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances are non-factors.

Don’t get me wrong: neither one of these guys are likely to find their way into the Yankees’ organization, but it’s fun to dream this time of year anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Diamondbacks looking to trade Upton, Bauer

  1. Dangle Romine. Reportedly, when the DBacks asked about him, the Yanks wanted Skaggs, and were denied…but if Bauer is out of favor, maybe that package could work. There are some obstacles–Miguel Montero just signed a new deal (perhaps that makes him a valuable chip in another deal?), and NYY may be higher on Romine than I am.