Sabathia doesn’t want workload cut

If the Yankees were thinking of dialing back C.C. Sabathia’s workload in response to two disabled list stints and surgery to clean up his elbow in 2012, one person who won’t support the move is Sabathia himself. The Yankees’ ace told George King that he doesn’t see any reason to limit the amount he pitches. “I don’t know what you would get out of it,’’ Sabathia said. “I don’t think cutting back innings or reducing pitch count would do any good.’’

I can understand the impulse to maybe ease up on the big guy after the way his 2012 season went, but ultimately I have to agree with Sabathia, as I just don’t see the point. Injuries will happen from time to time but, a) his first injury was in his groin area, and seemed to be all healed up when he returned from the DL, b) his elbow injury should be resolved with surgery, and Sabathia is expected to be ready to go on Opening Day, c) Sabathia still managed to pitch 200 innings this past year, plus dominate the Orioles in two ALDS starts, so it’s not like the season was a total loss to injuries or anything.

Besides all of that, Sabathia isn’t a young pitcher whose future is of particular concern, but a veteran in the prime of his career who is likely going to see some skills erosion in the not so distant future just from age. If his short term health will permit it, it seems to me that the best course is to ride him as an ace now and let the chips fall where they may in two or three years.

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