“Little shot” Yanks get Hunter

Torii Hunter has been one of the most bandied about names on the free agent market early on in the offseason, and with a hole in right field it’s only natural that the Yankees have been one of the team’s linked to the 37 year old. However, a source told Mark Feinsand that there’s “little chance” Hunter will end up in pinstripes, which comes not long after we heard that the Yankees would be unwilling to offer him a two year contract for fear of complicating their 2014 payroll plans. I don’t think that’s the worst stance to take with a player like Hunter, but with as much competition for his services as there seems to be right now it probably does take you out of the running unless you’re offering up a lot of money for one year or something. The Tigers and Red Sox seem to be the teams most interested in him right now, so there’s big dollars after him to boot.

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2 thoughts on ““Little shot” Yanks get Hunter

  1. Not an issue. He’s not what the Yanks need. Ichiro would fit their lineup far better, age notwithstanding. The man is 38 going on 29. Sign him to a reasonable two year deal and be done with it. His ability to hit in Yankee Stadium, and for power, should make this a no-brainer.