Olney: Rangers interested in Martin

Via Buster Olney, the Rangers have expressed an interest in Yankees’ free agent catcher Russell Martin. Martin could be a good fit for Texas, who could be without a starting catcher with Mike Napoli on the free agent market and Geovany Soto expected to be non-tendered. Martin struggled offensively for a good part of 2012, but he’s not a total zero at the plate by any means, and he’s one of the best backstops in the game.

On the Yankees’ end, I’m actually surprised we haven’t paid more attention to Martin, at least as much as we’ve paid to Nick Swisher, anyway. The Yankees do have potential holes in right field and their starting rotation, but they also have some fairly obvious paths to filling them, at least for 2013. If theyre unable to keep Martin in the fold, however, I have no idea what the Yankees are going to do with the catcher position. They currently have four other catchers on the 40 man roster, but none of them are big league caliber starters, for the Yankees or any other team. And while there are a few conceivable possibilities on the open market (A.J. Pierzynski stands out), anyone worth signing at such a scarce position will probably be able to command a multi-year contract.

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3 thoughts on “Olney: Rangers interested in Martin

  1. What about Cervelli……He brings fire and passion…..If given the chance I’ll bet he can carry his weight….He needs to play everyday! I say Play Him !

  2. Franco, Jorge? How can you say we have no options? ;)

    Dunno – didn’t care for his batting average, and whenever I watched, he wasn’t that great at throwing out runners – but otoh, I also have no better options, either. Sit out the next two years maybe? — I we don’t field a team at all, we should get under that cap thing.

  3. I agree. Martin had a bad year in 2012, but he’s still a very solid Catcher, and we don’t need any more holes to fill.