Report: The Marlins and Blue Jays are switching places

Okay that’s a lie but it’s not really that far from the truth.

As everyone was getting ready to eat a dinner, news of a blockbuster trade came across the wire. The Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays are working on a deal that could see the Jays acquiring Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, John Buck and Jose Reyes. The names being mentioned on the Jays side of the deal are Yunel Escobar Justin Nicolino, Jake Marisnick and Adeiny Hechavarria.

More details need to be worked out but wow, this is some move by both teams. The Marlins are “marlinsing” by having a fire sale and the Blue Jays just improved their roster by leaps and bounds.

UPDATE: The trade is as follows, Reyes, Johnson, Buehrle, Buck, Bonifacio and $4M for Escobar, Hechavarria, Alvarez, Nicolino, Mathis, Marisnick and DeSclafani.


[Brien]: So this is a pretty big deal, huh? Just like that the Blue Jays have added a lot of name value to their roster, and if Reyes has a bounce back year and Johnson can stay healthy, they could be legitimate contenders in the A.L. East this year. They’ve still got some holes to fill and may not have a ton of money to fill them with after taking on these contracts, but adding two top of the rotation starters and an All-Star shortstop in the same deal is some kind of haul.

As for the Marlins, well, they’re pretty much beyond parody right now. I don’t actually think this is quite as bad a move on the baseball front as it will be made out to be, especially since they didn’t win with the team they assembled for 2012, but this is a PR disaster for them. I can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to root for this organization anymore so long as Jeffrey Loria is in charge (of course, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to root for a team owned by Jeffrey Loria to begin with), and even Giancarlo Stanton is, um, not happy about this development. And as far as the broader implications for Major League Baseball, the fact that Reyes, Buehrle, and Heath Bell will all be playing for new teams just one year after signing with Miami pretty much makes a total mockery out of last year’s offseason, no?

[Jason]: Had to chirp in here after seeing this on my commute home. I’m flat out stunned. I can’t but think that the Blue Jays leadership are thinking the following:

  1. The Yanks are sinking (partly because of their $189M limbo bar, partly due to age)
  2. The RedSox are not recovering as fast as Bahstan fans want to imagine
  3. The Orioles are not a sustainable success
  4. Tampa might have to sell off more pitching for cheaper, less proven players
  5. Now is the time to strike and make a leap

I find this deal utterly fascinating. It totally screws Miami fans, if there were any, and more likely, the municipality who funded the new stadium which will now play to ghosts and echoes. I think Marlins ownership is a f*cking farce for doing this. Shame on them. Loria is an embarrassment. As Brien said above, this lays waste to an entire off-season of goodwill building.

As for Mike Stanton, he’s the last thing fans have to root for and the best chip the Marlins have to flip into a boatload of prospects. Feel free to start the #yourtradeproposalsucks ideas below, but I’d eagerly part with the upper crust of the Yanks farm system to get my hands on this kid. Drooooolllllll. Yeah, I said it. So there.

[Brien II]: So after thinking about this deal some more, it looks even more bonkers to me now. Toronto is having praise heaped on them, but we’ve been down that road before with limited pay off for them, and this could be another example of that, given the very real possibility that Johnson and/or Reyes gets hurt and that Buehrle’s low strikeout ways catch up to him in the A.L. East. If nothing else, they’ve given up a ton in terms of players and money to acquire two overpaid free agents the Marlins wanted to unload and one extremely injury prone N.L. ace. Good luck with that.

As for Miami, well, Jeffrey Loria sucks. Let’s just get that out there at the outset. That said, I’m starting to really like this deal from the Marlins’ perspective. One thing that I’ve repeatedly thought that commentators just haven’t acknowledged since Miami traded away Hanley Ramirez is that their massive spending spree last winter didn’t actually make them a contender. Instead, they were just a  wildly overrated spring headline grabber who wound up losing a lot of games, and the marquee signings didn’t really help to alleviate that all that much. This isn’t 1998 with a loaded World Series champion packing things in to save money, these Marlins are breaking up a losing group of players by getting rid of contracts that represent overpays to various degrees (plus Johnson, who pretty much has to be traded soon, lest he have a chance to blow his arm out and net you nothing) and getting some really good young talent in the process. I know that if I was running that team, I’d much rather have Hechavarria, Alvarez, and Jacob Turner than Reyes, Buehrle, and Johnson in 2012.

Of course, the big question now is what they’ll do from here. Do they take the savings from this deal and make a real effort to lock up Stanton to a long term contract? Or does Loria just pocket the money along with all of that sweet revenue sharing/public financing loot? If it’s the former, then the moves the Marlins have been making since July could very well represent the groundwork for their next winning team. If it’s the latter,well….Jeffrey Loria sucks.

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17 thoughts on “Report: The Marlins and Blue Jays are switching places

  1. Looks like the Blue Jays aren't content to just finish 4th in the AL East. They want to make the 2013 season a 4 horse race with the Yankees, Rays and Orioles.

    The Red Sox seem happy at this point to have raided the Jays for their field personal and sign David Ross as their backup catcher. As their way of getting out of the cellar in 2013.

    • I wouldn't totally count the Red Sox out just yet either. They get Napoli, a starting pitcher (Kuroda?), and a corner outfielder, and they're just bounce back seasons from Lester, Buchholz, and Ellsbury away from being able to hold their own in the division.

      • Well as of today they need 2 corner outfielders, a first baseman a shortstop and at least 1 starter and possibly a closer. Because I don't think Bailey, Melancon, Bard or Aceves is the answer all for different reasons. And that's not even including Lackey trying to pass for as a 5th starter. The Red Sox have more holes then a slice of swiss cheese.

        • Perhaps, but a good chunk of that is pretty attainable on the free agent market this winter if they want to be aggressive in pursuing it.

          • "…IF they want to be aggressive in pursuing it." I think that phase used in conjunction with the Boston Red Sox Ownership is an oxymoron. Just my opinion.

          • Well Cafardo just tweeted that they were trying to trade for Johnson and Reyes, but Toronto (obviously) blew them out of the water.

          • Now that all of us have had several hours to absorb this. I can't help but think how this is the 2011 off season all over again for the Red Sox. Last year if baseball fans will remember the Red Sox were linked to virtually every MLB FA pitcher that could walk or talk and they came up empty on every front when it came to signing any of them.

            This year seems to be looking like a replay except it's not just about pitchers this off season. It's virtually every FA around they are being linked to in one form or another. and so far they seem to be coming up with the short end of the stick.

            Now don't get me wrong as a Yankee fan I'm deriving a great deal of satisfaction out of their misery. Just my idle opinion.

          • Most of that "linking" was due to lazy sports analysts assuming the Sox were in on everybody available. Hell, they do that with the Yankees all the time. I'd be more concerned if the Sox were actually pursuing all those players and didn't get them. (Or, I would be more concerned if they weren't the Sox, that is.)

  2. I wonder if Farrell is kicking himself for leaving the Blue Jays now. He might have been able to do something there in 2013. Instead now he's stuck in Boston with what? A hope and a prayer that they re-sign Cody Ross,. Get Napoli and somehow Lester, Buchholz and the rest of the pitchers actually learn how to pitch again.

  3. Well, looks like one team out there has payroll for A-Rod… And maybe in Loria's mind, he would sell seats and be a nice pair with Stanton?

  4. Good news for the Jays, bad news for the rest of the AL East. As for Marlins fans … well, maybe they should consider season tickets to the Heat.

  5. Don't be ready to throw in the towel just yet. I recall similar OMG comments when the Red Sox landed their big haul – A-Gon etc – and everyone assumed they had the pennant locked up. As this very blog pointed out not to long ago, it's the season you want to win not the winter.

  6. This move gives me hope; if the Marlins can find a sucker for all those contracts, surely SOMEBODY would like to have two Gold Glove corner infielders…

    I'd gladly trade Alex for $100 million worth of prospects. I'd throw in Tex to sweeten the deal. ( I know – no trade clauses – but playing vs. sitting on the bench..)

    Maybe call Miami – snag everyone they got for Alex, Tex, and Cervelli?