Hunter to sign with Detroit

If you’re a Torii Hunter fan who was holding out hope that the Yankees were just tossing up a smoke screen in claiming disinterest in his services, you can give them up for good now. Ken Rosenthal reports that Hunter has agreed to a two year deal (worth $26 million) with the Detroit Tigers, and figures to step in immediately to fill the hole Delmon Young vacates in the A.L. champs’ lineup. As far as the Yankees go, Hunter could have helped them fill their own right field hole, obviously, but I don’t think he would have warranted this kind of contract, with or without the self-imposed payroll constriction, and that one more year of Ichiro Suzuki is a better fit than two guaranteed years of Hunter. But congratulations to Hunter all the same, and congrats to the Tigers for improving their own roster so quickly.

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6 thoughts on “Hunter to sign with Detroit

  1. Congrats to Hunter, I can't imagine paying him $13 mil a year for 2 years. If the Yankees had signed him for as much I would have been embarrassed.

  2. Another overpriced deal for Ilitch. He'll spend money until either he wins a World Series, blows the luxury tax limit or dies, whichever comes first. Hunter wasn't the answer for the Yanks. Ichiro is still the best bet. That's an awfully big park. Will be interesting to see how his numbers translate. He's not a hitter than can transcend the dimensions like Cabrera and Fielder.

    • He's a defender who can snare a lot more balls than any of the other corner outfield options they had, though, and he's certainly an improvement over Delmon Young.