Yankees have talked about Ibanez return

As one potential right fielder comes off of the board today, Dan Martin reports that the Yankees have had “preliminary talks” with Raul Ibanez about a second season in pinstripes. Ibanez would be used in a platoon role, I assume akin to the DH job he was signed to assume last season before Brett Gardner’s injury forced him into more playing time in the field. On the other hand, Ibanez hit .248/.319/.492 against right handed pitchers in 2012 which, while certainly not awful, isn’t necessarily good for a platoon hitter and defensive liability either. On the whole, I’m happy to write hosannas to Raul for the work he did last season between buoying the outfield and providing the biggest moments in the postseason, but I can’t say that I’m excited about the prospect of another campaign with the quadragenarian. Especially if he’s supposed to be the team’s answer to their RF/DH questions.

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2 thoughts on “Yankees have talked about Ibanez return

  1. Considering Ibanez earned just over $3.3MM ($1.1MM guaranteed and $2.25MM in PA incentive) in 2012 with the Yankees it will be interesting to see what he expects in guaranteed dollars. Very interesting indeed. My guess is the Yankees will not guarantee him more then $2MM with an additional $1MM to $1.5MM in possible incentives.

  2. What you said, Brien. There are worse players – no doubt. But I would hope there are also better options.