Yankees are interested in Ricky Nolasco

With the Marlins now in full on salary dump/rebuilding mode, the consensus assumption is that Ricky Nolasco will be starting the season somewhere other than Miami as well. According to Erik Boland, the Yankees do have interest in the soon-to-be 30 year old starter, though I’d have to think it’s a very qualified interest. Nolasco has always been one of those interesting cases of divergence between his ERA and FIP, with the former tracking much higher than the latter. In general you’d expect the runs allowed to regress towards the DIPS metric at some point, but Nolasco is over 1,110 innings into his career now, with a 4.49/3.83 difference, so you probably have to assume that’s just what he is right now.

I assume the Yankees’ attraction to Nolasco stems from the fact that he’s only got one year left on his contract, but even that probably can’t make him Plan A by any means. The front office’s top priority right now on the starting pitching front is re-signing Hiroki Kuroda, and it’s basically taken as a given that there’s a spot open for Andy Pettitte if he wants it. Then again, if the Yankees find themselves losing both of those guys, Nolasco might be one of the better realistic alternatives as long as it doesn’t take any top prospects to acquire him.

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One thought on “Yankees are interested in Ricky Nolasco

  1. My opinion on Nolasco as a guy who drafts fantasy pitchers primarily on large divergences between ERA and FIP — fool me once, shame on you. Fool me several times, don't get fooled again. Ignore the FIP here. Nolasco sucks. And will suck much more in a homerun friendly park like NYS.