Blue Jays sign Melky

Another day, another potential Nick Swisher replacement off the table. It’s being widely reported around the interwebs that the Blue Jays, fresh off of acquiring half of the Marlins roster and a slice of Marlins’ fans souls, have reached a two year, $16 million agreement with Melky Cabrera. That’s more than most people anticipated the 2012 All-Star Game MVP getting following his 50 game suspension for a failed drug test last season, though probably far less than he would have earned if he hadn’t gotten caught juicing.

Short of keeping Swisher in town, signing Cabrera was probably my favored choice for the Yankees’ outfield, at least if he came on a one year deal, but the Yankees never seemed to be the slightest bit interested in bringing him back. I guess that’s not surprising given the way his previous tenure went and some of the comments Kevin Long and other team officials made about him over the summer, but it’s kind of unfortunate if you think at least some of his break through over the last two years is sustainable. If it is, the Blue Jays are getting a steal in filling one of their few remaining holes, likely in left field. They’re basically a 1B/DH short of a really impressive lineup right now, and there’s a few intriguing options there on the market.

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2 thoughts on “Blue Jays sign Melky

  1. It will be interesting to see which Melky shows up for the Jays. The mediocre Melky that played for the Yankees and the Braves OR the “other" Melky that may have been helped by products that increased his performance this past year. Just my opinion but I’m guessing the mediocre Melky shows up.

  2. Not sure I agree. Melky is going to be under enormous scrutiny next year. I always liked him, but to have him become a big time contributor is going to be asking an awful lot. The Blue Jay lineup is always dangerous, but their bullpen is suspect and a lot of pitchers are going to have to stay in one piece. Plus, Buerhle, outside of Tampa Bay, has not exactly fared well against the AL East, particularly against the Yanks. They've made a big splash to be sure, but they could just as easily be this year's Marlins as opposed to the 2009 Yanks.