Kuroda may prefer pitching in L.A.

From Mark Saxon of ESPN Los Angeles comes a rumor sure to give Yankee fans some indigestion during Thanksgiving week: Hiroki Kuroda may prefer heading back to Southern California to spending another season in New York. Kuroda’s family lives in the area, and his daughters are in elementary school, which apparently has led Kuroda to “tell friends” that his preference is to pitch in Southern California. The Dodgers have been said to be interested in Kuroda for weeks, and we recently learned the Angels are as well, so unlike last year when the Dodgers lacked the finances to make him an offer, it would appear that Kuroda will have a good opportunity to return to the area if he really desires.

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2 thoughts on “Kuroda may prefer pitching in L.A.

  1. I can’t wait for Cashman to start making moves. I really have faith in him to bring players in and get us in good shape to start the season. I enjoy the rumor mill but I’m excited to see how the team looks come opening day. No rush though, let him take his time and see how things unfold.

  2. I've also read that any interest the Angels have would depend on their ability to re-sign Greinke. If they sign Greinke then Kuroda is NOT an option. Also about the Dodgers, I'm not sure I understand why Kuroda would go back to the Dodgers especially after he was persona non grata after the 2011 season. I don't or am unwilling to accept the explanation that this is new ownership now in L.A. because it's the same GM, etc…

    Also, off topic a bit. But I keep reading where it looks like teams seem to be dropping out of the Hamilton race. Is it possible that if the length of a possible contract drops dramatically the Yankee might swoop in and offer more years but on a lower AAV? Could be something to consider.