Raúl Ibáñez: Yay or nay?

According to a Ken Davidoff piece in today’s New York Post, the Yankees have “significant interest” in signing Raúl Ibáñez but they’re asking him to wait while they sort out their starting rotation and Mariano Rivera.

“I know they have certain needs that they need to go after first,” Ibáñez said. “I’m open to anything. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to play in The Bronx again. That would be great.”

And while Ibáñez wasn’t exactly a world beater last season .240/.308/.353, he had better numbers close and late in games.286/.367/.571 (From Davidoff’s article that slash line was in the seventh inning or later with the Yankees tied, ahead by one or with the tying run at least on deck. It seems Davidoff likes Baseball Reference as much as I do.)

So, what do you guys think? Should they Yankees bring Raúl Ibáñez back?

Stacey is co-Editor-in-Chief of It's About The Money and co-host of the It's About The Money, Stupid podcast.

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Stacey is co-Editor-in-Chief of It's About The Money and co-host of the It's About The Money, Stupid podcast.

10 thoughts on “Raúl Ibáñez: Yay or nay?

  1. Raul did a great job for the Yankees. In fact he did more I think then anyone could have expected and probably would have done even better had he not been pressed into so much service because of the injury to Gardner. Having said that I would like to see the Yankees look at a more permanent solution. I think it's doubtful the Yankees can re-sign both Granderson and Cano after the 2013 season and still be under the luxury tax threshold. If that' is the case I would like the Yankees to sign someone who may be with the team in left field for more then 1 year. I think the Yankees will have a real problem signing 2 outfielders next winter. Just my opinion.

  2. I would like anyone's thoughts. We keep tossing around the idea of Ichiro, Ibanez or some makeshift combination to replace Swisher. What about Ryan Ludwick as a replacement for more then 1 year? Until one or more of the Yankee prospect are available. He's a right handed batter so that will give the Yankees some diversity at the plate, He has a fair amount of power and should be pretty reasonable price wise. Certainly enough to keep the Yankees goal of the $189MM tax threshold. I realize he has played mostly left field but he does have some right field on his resume. ANY THOUGHTS?