Yankees named 2012 Club Retailer of the Year

The timing of this press release, which names the New York Yankees the 2012 Club Retailer of the Year, is kind of amusing to me. Just yesterday, I was going through a pile of clothes in my room that comes up to my shoulders – just to give you an idea of how big the pile is, I’m 5’9″ – and the amount of Yankees items was actually astounding. Everything from jeans, to sweatshirts, to t-shirts, to long sleeved t-shirts. Some of the stuff, I’ll admit, I didn’t remember owning and I joked to my mom that some people have a white wash when they do their laundry and I can say I have a Yankees wash.

From the Press Release:

The New York Yankees have been named the 2012 MLB “Club Retailer of the Year” by Major League Baseball Properties for the Club’s commitment to driving merchandise sales. The Yankees and Legends Hospitality, led by Legends’ GM of Retail, Michael Loparo, earned the honor based on significant improvements to the Yankee Stadium clubhouse store as well as consistent product innovation and reinvention.

To be honest, I’ve only set foot into the Yankee Clubhouse store at the Stadium a handful of times – I prefer to shop online because I am one of those unique females who actually dislikes shopping – but if you looked at my wardrobe, you’d think I at least had stock in the Yankee Clubhouse store or that I shopped there every time I went to a game.

“The demand among fans for Yankees merchandise and other licensed products is always strong given the iconic nature of the team and their brand, but the Yankees deserve special praise for not resting on their laurels and continuing to innovate and provide creative new ways for fans to express their team pride,” said Howard Smith, Senior Vice President, Licensing, Major League Baseball. “The clubhouse store at Yankee Stadium has evolved considerably just in the four years since the new ballpark opened. Mike Loparo and the Yankees are especially deserving of this honor.”

Has it? Like I said above, I’ve only been in there a few times and the last time I was there, I nearly fainted because it was a very warm day and I was surrounded by too many people. The other problem I have when I go into stores like that, filled with tons of merchandise, is that I have to fix and arrange things when they’re out of place. I always say I have a touch of OCD but who knows? It could actually be true.

“This honor is a great compliment to the talented people we have working at Legends Hospitality,” said Yankees Chief Operating Officer Lonn Trost. “The Yankees and Legends Hospitality have always tried to provide fans with products that reflect a variety of tastes while remaining respectful of Yankees tradition. We appreciate the recognition and look forward to building on our success by continuing to provide the best possible products and experience at Yankee Stadium.”

“We are extremely honored to be recognized by Major League Baseball,” said Dan Smith, President, Legends Hospitality. “Mike Loparo and his team work with great passion to develop new and original retail offerings that complement the culture and enthusiasm of the Yankees and their fan base. We are fortunate to be able to work closely with the Yankees in developing these innovations and share their unmatched devotion to delivering an unsurpassed customer service experience for their fans each and every time they come to the ballpark.”

Hey, at least the Yankees won something this year, right?

Previous recipients of the award have included the Seattle Mariners in 2005, New York Mets in 2006, Philadelphia Phillies in 2007, Milwaukee Brewers in 2008, Cincinnati Reds in 2010 and Detroit Tigers in 2011.

And look! The Mets actually won this award once too! Amazing, er, amazin’.

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5 thoughts on “Yankees named 2012 Club Retailer of the Year

  1. Putting the Yankees substantial revenue flow aside for the moment the Yankees top to bottom are what every MLB team should strive to be like. Putting the customer (fans) and his/her baseball experience first. Just my opinion.

  2. If only they'd do something about the ticket price situation that always seems to rear its ugly head during the season…

  3. I patently refuse to buy crap at the Stadium. I'm getting fleeced enough with tickets and food. I can find the same stuff elsewhere. Even my kids don't ask anymore; they even know how stupidly priced things are. Parenting, FTW!

    Next time I go to the airport, I'm going to buy some luggage, too.

  4. "I am one of those unique females who actually dislikes shopping"

    Is there a support group for this?