UPDATED: Yankees could be close to make a deal with Kuroda

Jayson Stark tweeted moments ago that it looks like the Yankees will be the team Hiroki Kuroda signs with if he stays in the U.S. – there’s still a chance he goes back to Japan.

Both the Dodgers and Angels who were interested in signing Kuroda have shifted their focus toward other pitchers. The Dodgers are said to be pursuing guys like Zack Greinke, Anibal Sanchez, and Ryan Dempsterwhile the Angels are making re-signing Greinke their main priority. Signing Kuroda would be a back up plan.

Kuroda, who became a fan favorite in the Bronx, finished 16-11 with a 3.32 ERA, threw two shutouts – one of them was an almost no-hitter against Texas – and reached a career high in innings pitched (219 2/3).

So while it’s not definite that Kuroda is signing with the Yankees, the chances of it happening have increased.

Come on Kuroda, I’m selfish and I want another #HIROKtober.

UPDATE: Buster Olney just tweeted that the Yankees and Kuroda agreed to a one-year $15M contract.

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12 thoughts on “UPDATED: Yankees could be close to make a deal with Kuroda

  1. uyf1950

    Excellent news.

  2. It sure would help to simplify things, wouldn't it?

  3. Bill

    Put me on the selfish list, too. I really grew to like Kuroda as pitcher and as a professional. He fits so well here. Wish he could stay longer. Really hope it works out.

  4. uyf1950

    Just food for thought. IF Pettitte and Kuroda re-sign the Yankees starting rotation should be in darn good shape for 2013. The Yankee starters accounted for 71 wins in 2012. That's with CC probably falling about 5 wins short of his norm and with only getting 12 starts out of Pettitte. If Hughes can build upon his 2012 season and Nova can have even a little bounce back year and with Kuroda getting about 16 wins again. The Yankees starting rotation should be able to account for and additional 10 wins on top of the 71 they accounted for in 2012. Just my opinion.

  5. uyf1950

    Reports are it's for $15MM plus incentives of just under $1MM.

    • Awesome.

        • Sabrina

          Best yankee news ever!

          • I will have Great Overstatements for $300, Alex.

  6. uyf1950

    Here is a quote that appeared on Yahoo and is attributed to Kuroda ''I am very happy and excited to re-sign with the Yankees,'' Kuroda said in a statement. ''I am very grateful for all of the interest and all of the offers that I received from the various teams that courted me. It was a tough decision for me to make, but at the end of the day, I wanted to try to win a championship with the teammates that I went to battle with last season.''

    Very, very classy guy. it makes me wish there were a lot more "Kuroda's" in baseball. Glad he is a Yankee for another year.

  7. Jacques

    Now if Andy can make his decision sooner than later..!

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