Heyman: Martin talks “heating up”

Ah, the joys of hot stove season. As recently as yesterday, the reports on the status of Russell Martin had it that the Yankees wanted to put off talks until after they settled things with Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, and that Martin was willing to wait for them to do so before testing the free agent market. Today, however, those reports have taken a total 180 degree turn, as Jon Heyman relays that “progress” has been made between Martin and the Yankees over the weekend, and that the market for his services are beginning to develop, with the Rangers and Yankees interested in him, at the least. The interest in Martin, as well as the dearth of quality catching on the market, means that he’s likely headed for  a multi-year contract with someone, and the Yankees seem willing to add payroll to the 2014 ledger in order to keep their starting catcher in pinstripes.

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6 thoughts on “Heyman: Martin talks “heating up”

  1. They're going to have to bite the bullet on this and commit some post-2013 money. Not that it's a bad thing. Martin is a good catcher and a two or three year deal will buy time for Sanchez to develop, if he indeed is the heir apparent.

  2. Personally I won't sacrifice the Yankees goal of getting under the Luxury Tax Threshold to sign Martin to a deal of 2 or more years. IF the Yankees do wind up signing Martin for more then 1 year that is the clearest indication that the Yankees do NOT intend to re-sign Granderson for the 2014. It may even indicate that Granderson's days as a Yankees will be over before the 2013 season ends. Just my opinion.

  3. I don't think anyone would be surprised at a 2-3 year deal. I'ts been evident since Montero left that there is no immediate replacement in the system. NY could do worse than Martin for a few years. Let some of the younger guys develop, and in the meanwhile have excellent D and some pop in the lineup.

    It will be interesting to see how the $189 million thing works out. It is difficult for NY (or any team) not to want to add that extra piece that may make the difference if the team has a chance, and NY consistently has a chance.

  4. Help me out with something. I understand all the talk and reason for $189MM. But they were at what, like $209M this year? So they have $20M to cut off, right? Now I know some guys have contracts already going up, likely CC and Tex. They have Arod same or going down from now. Jeter has his option year, which is only $8-$9M vs his current $17M now. Obviously if they keep Cano and Grandy, both around $15-$16M now, each will be looking at raising prob at $4M per for Grandy and $8M per for Cano, So $12M higher for those 2 plus whatever Tex and CC are at. But what’s coming off? Soriano at $13M per. Rivera at $15M (even if he signed for 2013). Pettite at $2M (no biggie). Swisher at $14M this year. AJ Burnett at $17M per (or whatever the Yanks still owe him for 2013, which is like $14M, I think). Kiroda will be $15M coming off if he’s not back for 2014, after this one year deal.

    Is it me or do I see roughly $83M per year coming off the books from 2012 before 2014? Even with say $12M in joint raises for Cano/Grandy, they can’t be THAT paranoid about 2014 salary b/c it doesn’t even seem like they are CLOSE to the $189. They would seemingly be at $126M if all else were equal. Now I know Phil and Joba and Gardner and RObertson will be arbitration eligible and get raises, but none to break the bank. All spare parts like Chavez, Jones, Ibanez, Ichiro aren’t denting any budget plans.

    So why be concerned about signing Martin for 2-3 years. We’re going to have to replace Soriano, Swish, etc., but perhaps not at $13-$14M annual salaries. But even with the CC/Tex/Arod/Cano/Grandy giant contracts, is it me, or does $189M hardly mean belt tightening as much as it just means not to expect Hamilton, Upton, Bourn, etc just like there was no play on Pujols, Fielder, Wilson, Darvish, etc last winter?

    • I think you're underestimating how much rounding out the roster is likely to cost. For example, Phil and Joba will actually be free agents after this coming season.

  5. So how about an update as to where they stand for now on guaranteed 2014 contracts, then estimates on raises for Phil/Joba/Cano/Grandy so we can see roughly how many spots to fill for roughly how much extra cash lying under Murdoch's couch?