It’s almost decision time for Andy Pettitte

It’s been nearly six weeks since the Yankees were swept out of the American League Championship Series and there still has been no word from Andy Pettitte in regards to a possible return in 2013.

As usual, the rumblings have been from “friends of Pettitte” who are the new “Posada’s doorman*,” and according to those friends, Pettitte’s decision will be made soon. Whether that decision will be made before or after the Winter Meetings began remains to be seen.

The New York Daily News reported that Pettitte began his offseason training routine to see how his 40-year-old body would respond. In his abbreviated 2012 season, Pettitte was 5-4 with a 2.87 ERA.

Pettitte, back when the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs, said he still has the desire to compete but also added that family responsibilities, including seeing his oldest son off to college, may play a role in his final decision.

The Yankees are looking to sign Pettitte to guarantee a strong front three of CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda – who signed last week – and Pettitte to go along with guys like Ivan Nova, David Phelps and Phil Hughes. At this point, Hughes would probably be the number four starter with Nova and Phelps duking it out for the fifth spot. Then again, it’s only November and Brian Cashman, as we all found out last January when Kuroda was first signed and when Jesus Montero was traded away for Michael Pineda, has a way of pulling rabbits out of his hat when it’s least expected.

*In case you don’t remember, years ago when Posada was getting ready to re-up and sign his giant four-year deal, a source for a story turned out to be his doorman. Of course, when I did a quick google search, I came up empty.

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One thought on “It’s almost decision time for Andy Pettitte

  1. I would think that's a quick way for a doorman to get fired! "Friends" of ballplayers are many times agents.

    The funny thing about Pettitte is the assumption is he's coming back, which is different than in pior years. We also hear he's begun his offseason workouts, which kind of indicates he's coming back. Yet if he doesn't know for sure he's coming back, why is everyone else so sure he's coming back? Maybe it is the doorman.