Monday night open thread

We don’t do these things very often, but there was a request for one today, so here you go. This is a thread for you to talk about any topics you want. Raise them yourself, ask us questions, request a post on a topic, share your best recipes so that I may poach them and make them, and so on. Anything you want, just keep it friendly.

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19 thoughts on “Monday night open thread

  1. the Yankees wanting to get under $189 million to save a few extra million dollars, especially with the money from the whole YES thing is absurd.


    Players enjoy the obvious security bestowed by no trade clauses. Sometimes players are asked to waive them. I can't help looking at these clauses without feeling that there should be some additional intrinsic value in them. Value that never seems to get recognized. I can't recall a single incident of a player seeking to negotiate a buyout value in exchange for waiving his no trade clause. I can't recall a single incident of an agent seeking to include a no trade clause buyout value in a contract. It seems to me that such practices ought to be common. Does anyone have an explanation for this apparent oversight?

  3. As it stands right now after the 2014 season the Yankees will have 3 expensive long term contracts still on the books A-Rod, CC and Tex for about $75MM in total AAV for MLB Luxury Tax purposes. Now assuming they re-sign Cano for about $22 to $25MM that will bring their payroll to $100MM for 4 players. Leaving effectively $79MM in payroll left to get under the $189MM threshold after 2014. Since MLB charges each MLB Team about $10MM in benefits etc…
    Here's my question: Is it realistic for fans to think/believe that the Yankees can field a competitive, no make that a championship caliber team when they only have $79MM to fill 5 additional starting position players, 4 more starters a bullpen of 7, 5 role/bench players and 15 players to round out their 40 man roster?

  4. Here is a very odd thought and certainly not based on anything that's been rumored. But the market for Josh Hamilton right now appears to be pretty stagnant. Since the Ichiro signing appears pretty close how about this scenario.
    1) The Yankees sign Hamilton to a massive 1 year deal say $30MM +/- . Then if he can prove he make it there his value should increase when he hit FA in 2014.
    2) The Yankees trade Granderson for a decent package of prospects

    Offensively and defensively Hamilton is a much better player then Granderson. This way the Yankees are far move competitive in 2013 with Hamilton and his sweet swing in Yankee Stadium and they probably get more for Granderson trading him now then either during the trade deadline of just getting a pick for him when they let him walk at the end of the season. Since they can't afford both Granderson and Cano in 2014 and stay under the tax threshold.