Yankees avoid arbitration with Whiteside

The Yankees have agreed to terms on a one year contract with Eli Whiteside, avoiding arbitration with the catcher, the team just announced. This isn’t terribly surprising news, given that they just claimed him off of waivers recently, but Whiteside was a non-tender candidate in theory, given that the Yankees already had a couple of MLB backup caliber catchers in Francisco Cervelli and Chris Stewart, plus a desire to bring back free agent starter Russell Martin. Still, you have to figure that, with three catchers not including Martin already on the 40 man roster, they wouldn’t have claimed him in the first place if they had no intention of tendering him an offer.

The 33 year old Whiteside is a career .215/.273/.335 hitter in 537 career plate appearances, and spent the bulk of 2012 in the minor leagues with the Giants organization.

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6 thoughts on “Yankees avoid arbitration with Whiteside

  1. Here is a question. IF the Yankees re-sign Martin which if one believes some of the reports that is getting to be more and more of a possibility. What does that mean for: Stewart, Cervelli, Whitehead and potentially Romine (who appears to be healthy again). Let's assume 1 of the 3 Stewart, Cervelli or Whitehead is the teams back up cater in 2013. That leaves Romine and the other 2 catchers. The RailRaiders I assume will only take 1 or 2. That leaves one catcher as the odd man out are those good assumptions and who is the odd man out?

  2. My guess is that Stewart gets DFA'd. Don't really see why they'd claim/sign Whiteside if they were happy with him. I can't imagine they're comfortable with any of these guys as starters, but I don't know that they have any other options if they balk at Martin's price tag.

    • I think Stewart is the likely candidate to get DFA'd, although if Cervelli does have another option, I can certainly see the Yankees sending him down and then holding on to both. We know that Stewart doesn't have another option, so he'd have to clear waivers for the Yankees to get him in the minors. It's possible, but some team will probably claim him for the same reasons the Yankees traded for him. As backup catchers go, he has value.

  3. If I understood what I read on the YESNetwork here is the way Whiteside's contract goes.

    It's a Major League Contract for $625K. There is an accompanying Minor League portion of the contract that is for $200K. So cutting to the chase, the most Whiteside can make is $625K if he spends the entire season with the big league team, $200K if he spends the entire season in the Minors OR something in between depending how much time he spends in combination of the Majors and Minors.