(UPDATED:) Report: Yankees re-sign Ichiro

According to a report from Japan’s Nikkan Sports, the Yankees have re-signed Ichiro Suzuki to a one year contract worth $5 million plus incentives. There’s no confirmation of this yet, but the terms make sense, and we’ve heard since the end of the season that there was mutual interest in Ichiro returning to the Yankees in 2013. Stay tuned.

Update: Or not. Sweeney Murti checked up on the story, and was told that a deal is not done with Ichiro as of yet, but confirmed yet again that the Yankees have “strong interest” in re-signing Ichiro.

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7 thoughts on “(UPDATED:) Report: Yankees re-sign Ichiro

  1. For 1 year and just $5MM plus incentives it's a great deal. Just a bit of humor now. Ichiro at $5MM for the Yankees OR Gomes at $5MM for the Red Sox any fan with a brain would choose Ichiro every day of the week and twice on Sunday's.

  2. I read Japanese, and FYI, the Nikkan article doesn't say that an agreement is in place. It says that the two sides are close to an agreement, and that there's a chance that an agreement will be announced this week.

    • If only the Twitter-verse read Japanese. There seems to be too many specifics for this to be just a rumor. Seems likely it'll be a done deal shortly. $5M for Ichiro is fine as long as the Yankees made it clear he still may sit against lefties and they upgrade some offense on the DH side or with Ichiro's platoon partner.

  3. I have always loved Ichiro. I was giddy the day we aquired him. From that day on, I wanted to resign him, knowing he'd be in that $5M range. Much as I love the deal, I' be fine if he were part of the $189M 2014 budget as a 3 year $12M-$15M deal would allow us to watch him go for 3000 hits in the US and just for fun, chase Rose for combined hit total champ, as a Yankee. That said, if he'll go one year now, I'm hoping he continues with the Yanks for many years to come, the way, Cone, Pettitte and others have done in the past as they get older. Once they get a taste of the pinstripes, nothing else seems to measure up!

    • "Once they get a taste of the pinstripes, nothing else seems to measure up! "

      Not even Houston Astros colors? ;)