UPDATED: Pettitte finalizes deal to pitch in 2013

According to reports on Twitter from various writers including Buster Olney and Ken Davidoff, Andy Pettitte and the Yankees have agreed to a one-year $12M deal plus award bonuses for 2013.

Pettitte came back to pitch in 2012 after retiring prior to the 2011 season. Pettitte posted a 5-4 with a 2.87 in an abbreviated season which was interrupted by a broken ankle suffered at the end of June. He was able to return to the rotation in September and pitch in the playoffs.

Updated: In order to make room for Pettitte on the 40-man, the Yankees designated Eli Whiteside for assignment.

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17 thoughts on “UPDATED: Pettitte finalizes deal to pitch in 2013

  1. jay_robertson


    Now if they can just lockup that Clemens guy, we'd be all set. ;)

  2. uyf1950

    It's for a little more money then I would have liked. But not totally unexpected since they just agreed to sign Kuroda for $15MM plus $500K in incentives. I think Andy would have felt insulted with to much less then this figure.
    But it's still in keeping the the Yankees goal of just a 1 year deal so they still have their options open for getting under the 2014 Luxury Tax Threshold.

  3. And Eli Whiteside has been DFAd. Anyone care to wager on Cervelli being the starting catcher this season?

    • Hugh

      I'll take a wager on it!

    • Anthony F

      Now that's a bet where no one wins.

    • David

      /free 'Frisco
      /resuscitate Brien

  4. makjak2

    I sure will miss Eli. His contribution to this ball club could not be measured.

  5. Joef

    Because in fact "nothingness" can't be measure. A damn shame, I thought he might hit .200 this year

  6. williamjtasker

    Nice comment trail. This has been entertaining. :)

  7. ProfRobert

    Fare thee well, Eli. We hardly knew ye.

  8. forged

    So what did the Yankees really gain out of claiming Whiteside off of waivers on the 5th, avoiding arbitration by agreeing to a one year deal on Monday, only to DFA him today?

    • They got a few extras lines on the back of the NY Post. No news is bad news, right?

  9. Rob

    I would love to see Cervelli behind the plate if for no other reason than he loves playing ball. That alone is enjoyable enough for me. He’s not the worst option out there and are we thinking he’s going to do that much worse than Martin behind the plate? I say give the kid a chance to really develop.

    • Anthony F

      "Are we thinking he's going to do that much worse than Martin behind the plate?"

      Um, have you ever actually seen Cervelli play?

      • Rob

        I meant at the plate, as in batting. Sorry for the confusion on that one. Clearly he isn’t as good behind the plate as Martin.

        • Urban

          At the plate, Cervelli at his best is worse than Martin at his worst. Martin hit 21 HRs last year and 39 the last two. Cervelli is an okay back-up catcher. If the Yankees, or fans, want to save $7M a year to replace Martin with Cervelli, well that's fine, but the team will win two less games per season just on the bat, and probably a couple more on the glove. In the AL East, that's the difference between making the postseason and at shot at #28 (and millions more in the Yankees bank) and going turkey hunting on October 1st. Not really that difficult of a decision.

  10. uyf1950

    For Andy's contract does anyone know what Andy's awards bonuses break down to? Or where I can find out? I've searched the net and nothing so far.

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