Wil Myers Could Be Heading To The AL East

We’ve already witnessed the Blue Jays go from an average team to a playoff contender in the matter of one day, and now we’re hearing that the Royals want to drop their top prospect in the AL East. They’ve traded for Ervin Santana and signed Jeremy Guthrie already, but they’re still looking to obtain an ace on the trade market. For the Yankees, what happens to the Royals and how they actually perform in 2013 means very little, but what we’ve heard in trade rumors could send more competition to their division.

Courtesy of the Kansas City Royals

The Royals are currently eyeing Tampa Bay’s James Shields and Boston’s Jon Lester. While both pitchers have ace potential, they each only have two years of team control left starting at $9 million and  $12 million respectively. For that reason, it comes as a surprise that the low-budget Royals have been using top positional prospect Wil Myers as trade bait.

Back in June, I suggested that the Yankees target the outfielder Myers for themselves. The 21 year old has since completed a huge rebound season, hitting .314/.387/.600 with 37 homeruns between Double-A TL and Triple-A PCL. Myers are become the top slugging prospect in baseball rather unanimously, and with 439 plate appearances at Triple-A, he looks primed to enter the big leagues in 2013.

If the Rays or Red Sox pull the trigger on a possible trade it could potentially bring 6 cheap years of Myers into the AL East. Though he’s no lock to be a top-tier slugger, he arguably has the best chance of any prospect to do just that. At the expense of a struggling Lester or a 31 year old Shields, the trade would easily put the games brightest positional prospect into a rival uniform as soon as next season.

I’m not sure what the Yankees could offer, but I’m sure they’ll be involved in the bidding. If not to acquire Myers, they’ll try and drive his price up. There’s no telling what his right handed bat could do in a stadium like Fenway Park.

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4 thoughts on “Wil Myers Could Be Heading To The AL East

  1. Dealing Myers for Lester or Shields makes little sense for the Royals. They are dealing a top young hitter with all star potential and 6 years control for a pitcher who has declined the last 2 years in lester, or a pitcher who is not an ace, rather a solid #2 in shields who btw the way like mentioned is 31. If im the Royals and the Rays wanted Myers I would say Moore or Price only. As far as Red Sox, no way would I part with Myers for any SP they have even Lester.

    • Maybe in a video game, there’s next to no chance the Royals are trading a top prospect like that for 1 year of Hughes and a back of the rotation projected pitcher with limited experience. As Mitch said I’d be looking for Price if I were the Royals, though they’d have to add something to Myers to get that done.

  2. How’s about Nova, Phelps, and Gardner?
    We throw Myers in LF sign Hamilton (CF)to a one year deal for $40 mill, sign Ichiro(RF) to 1 yr deal for $10mil and trade Grandy for two system top five prospects?

    Make it happen now!