Pirates making serious push for Martin

Since Hiroki Kuroda signed up for another tour in the Bronx last week, the hot stove season has heated up quite rapidly for the Yankees. Yesterday we learned that the Yankees expect to have deals in place with Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera sooner rather than later, and today Jon Heyman reports that a decision from Russell Martin may be coming this week as well, and that Martin is likely to choose between the Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Wil Myers Could Be Heading To The AL East

We’ve already witnessed the Blue Jays go from an average team to a playoff contender in the matter of one day, and now we’re hearing that the Royals want to drop their top prospect in the AL East. They’ve traded for Ervin Santana and signed Jeremy Guthrie already, but they’re still looking to obtain an ace on the trade market. For the Yankees, what happens to the Royals and how they actually perform in 2013 means very little, but what we’ve heard in trade rumors could send more competition to their division. The Royals are currently eyeing Tampa Bay’s James Continue reading Wil Myers Could Be Heading To The AL East

One more year for the boys

We have already heard that Mariano Rivera is coming back for another go at it. Andy Pettitte seems on his way back as well. Derek Jeter is mending in Tampa and is said to be on target for the start of the season or soon after. For Yankee fans and baseball fans, the inevitable has been pushed back one more time. It looks like the old guys are going to work together at least one more time.

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Phillies catcher Ruiz suspended for a positive drug test

I realize it’s not Yankees news but here’s the statement from Major League Baseball Carlos Ruiz’s suspension:

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball announced today that Philadelphia Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz has received a 25-game suspension without pay after testing positive for an Amphetamine in violation of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

The suspension of Ruiz is effective at the start of the 2013 regular season. He will be eligible to participate in Spring Training, including in Spring Training games.

Some people were surprised to find out that the suspensions vary according to the drug found in your system. Since Ruiz tested positive for Amphetamines and not steroids, his suspension is only 25 games. Still, it’s not a good situation for him or the Phillies.

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To Sign Ichiro or To Not Sign Ichiro?

*My apologies to Bill Shakespeare for the title. There were conflicting reports this morning about the status of Ichiro Suzuki and the Yankees. One report from Japan claimed he signed a one-year deal worth $5M plus incentives while writers here in the States said the Yankees and Ichiro haven’t even discussed a deal yet. Frankly, it was amusing to see the varying reactions to both news items. Some people were admittedly excited when the news surfaced of a deal between Ichiro and the Yankees. After batting .261/.288/.353/.642 in 95 games for the Mariners, he was revitalized after the trade to Continue reading To Sign Ichiro or To Not Sign Ichiro?

Report: Martin is seeking a four-year deal

According to a tweet from Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, Russell Martin is seeking a four-year contract at $9-10M per year. Marchand doesn’t think the Yankees would be inclined to sign Martin under those terms and frankly, I’m not sure they would either. Does that mean I think the Yankees won’t re-sign him? Not necessarily. If David Ross can get a two-year/$6.2 M deal as a backup, Martin should probably get more as a starter. Plus, the catcher FA market is thin with only Mike Napoli and A.J. Pierzynski as the other high ticket items and few guys who weren’t starting catchers for their teams in 2012 as the other choices.

Martin as highly coveted as he is – reports have said that he has met with multiple teams – had a rough year at the dish in 2012. Even though he belted a career-high in home runs (21), Martin batted an abysmal .211 while spending the majority of the season under .200. But on the flip side, Martin is a good defensive catcher – he fields well and is a good pitch framer, he knows how to work with the newly re-signed Hiroki Kuroda and the OPS+ 94 he’s posted so far in his Yankee career turned out to be the league average for catchers in 2012.

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Russell’s contract

A little less than a year ago, I crowd sourced a possible contract extension for catcher Russell Martin. Obviously, no such extension was offered or signed. Now, though, Martin is a free agent, probably the best free agent catcher on the market. The Yankees have seemed to like Martin in his two years in the Bronx and I’d bet a reunion is a pretty solid possibility. Now that we’ve had a year of Martin, and up and down one at best and a bad one at worst, what do you think Martin can and will fetch? Use the comments to Continue reading Russell’s contract

Marvin Miller dies

The world is a slightly worse place today than it was yesterday, as former union head and trailblazing sports pioneer Marvin Miller has passed away, according to multiple reports. Miller, 95, is best known for being the man who unionized the baseball players and won their first collective bargaining agreement with the owners. He presided over the MLBPA while the reserve clause was overturned and the players won the right to salary arbitration, among numerous other changes to the economic landscape of the game that made it the sport we know today. He has yet to be officially elected to the Hall of Fame, though that says far more about the Hall’s various institutional failings and the pettiness of the owners who sit on the Veteran’s Committee than it does about the contributions Miller made to the game.

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Yankees Interested In Shane Victorino

The chance that Nick Swisher returns to the Yankees is extremely slim and there remains an obvious need in the outfield for the Yankees this offseason. With Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner already penciled into the other two outfield positions, the Yankees have a lot of flexibility with whomever they target. At the moment, they’re looking at the switch-hitting centerfielder Shane Victorino. Though the outfielder is coming off his worst offensive season ever, at 32 years old next year, he remains a high reward buy. Even with his 93 wRC+ and .255/.321/.383 triple slash, Victorino was able to put up Continue reading Yankees Interested In Shane Victorino