Jacob Ruppert finally elected to the Hall of Fame

One of the first pieces of real news that emerges from the Winter Meetings is the results of the Hall of Fame Veterans’ Committee voting, and this year there’s good news for Yankee fans who care about such things, as former Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert has been voted in as part of the committee’s per-integration ballot. Ruppert, who owned the Yankees from 1915-39, probably played as big a role as anyone in building the early Yankee dynasties, and is probably best known for making the trade to bring Babe Ruth to the Yankees and building the original Yankee Stadium. If anything, it’s really a mystery why Ruppert wasn’t inducted long ago, especially considering some of the owners who have made the cut (*cough* Tom Yawkey *cough*), but at least he’s in now, I guess. Congratulations to him and to his family on the honor.

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2 thoughts on “Jacob Ruppert finally elected to the Hall of Fame

    • Ruppert belongs in the Hall; Steinbrenner does not. Yeah, Steinbrenner got several championships at the beginning and end of this reign, but the middle part was a disaster due to his meddling. Add in not one, but two suspensions, one for running a campaign contribution fraud on behalf of Nixon and the other for hiring Howie Spira to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield, and you get a world-class scumbag (and yes, I know he did a lot of good, charitable works with his money, too; it's not enought to earn him the privilege of being in the HoF).