(UPDATED) King: A-Rod’s hip a cause for concern

It seems like the hits just keep coming with Alex Rodriguez these days, but alas they’re not the kind you want him to be getting on the field. The latest development with the Yankees’ third baseman? His surgically repaired hip may be bothering him. That information comes via George King in the New York Post, who reports that A-Rod will be visiting Marc Phillippon, the surgeon who repaired his torn labrum after the 2008 season. A-Rod has apparently been feeling tightness in the hip, and King’s source labels it “a big issue.”

For his part, Brian Cashman acknowledged that A-Rod’s hip will always be an issue for him, but wouldn’t comment any further than that. ”He is always going to have hip issues to deal with. That’s just part of his winter program,’’ Cashman said of his highest paid player. But while routine maintenance, for lack of a better term, might be a normal part of A-Rod’s conditioning from now on, surgery would likely threaten A-Rod’s ability to start the 2013 season which, combined with Derek Jeter‘s fractured ankle, could leave the Yankees looking for an insurance policy in the infield. We know, for example, that they;ve shown an interest in Stephen Drew and Jeff Keppinger, both of whom would seem o be in line for offers to start somewhere, and perhaps this puts the Yankees’ potential interest in a new light.

Update: Joel Sherman tweets that he “exclusively” hears that A-Rod was playing on a re-torn hip at some point last season, and that surgery is “likely” for Alex.

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6 thoughts on “(UPDATED) King: A-Rod’s hip a cause for concern

  1. Awesome.

    The only thing better than a grossly paid above average player is a grossly over paid player who is on the DL.

    If I was Hank and Hal, I'd be thinking selling – just to distance myself from the awesome deal they made with the Rod.

  2. The exclusive source is probably A-Rod himself, trying to manufacture an excuse for why he was so horrible last year.

  3. While you never want to see a player suffer an injury. This may be a blessing in disguise. Maybe it will make A-Rod rethink the remaining 5 years of his contract. Maybe even consider retiring after this year if the injuries keep piling up as seem to be doing. That certainly would solve many of the issues the Yankees are trying to resolve with their overall payroll.

    • There's nine figures left on that contract. I'd be willing to put up with a lot of crap to get every one of those checks.

      • What if he were to retire, and then sign on in some management/coaching/scouting/recruiting role? I'm sure they could structure things to give him enough money, and make his job title prestigious enough that he could still chat up the honeys behind the dugout.

        Just a thought. Unless that would ALSO count against AAV.

  4. What I'd like to know is why he is waiting until January for the surgery? If it's something they knew about during the season as this report suggests then they've wasted 3 months. He should have had the surgery in early November, that way he'd be ready for the start of the season. Instead they're waiting till January???? Why???