Report: Yanks interested in Cody Ross

According to Rob Bradford of WEEI in Boston, the Yankees are interested in Cody Ross and requested his medical history.

Now as we all know from what’s been happening so far this season, the Yankees only seem to be interested in giving out one-year deals. Ross was looking for a three-year deal from the Red Sox who so far have only offered him two years. So this could be one of those “throwing a name out there to see if people will bite” sort of thing.

I guess that means I fell for it.

Anyway, Ross spent the bulk of his career – 2006-2010 – with the Florida Marlins. He was traded from Florida to San Francisco in 2010 and won a World Series title with the Giants. He was signed to a one-year deal with Boston batted 267/.326/.481 with 22 homers and 81 RBI in 2012.

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7 thoughts on “Report: Yanks interested in Cody Ross

  1. Well you never know. There maybe something to this rumor. I only say that because with A-Rod's injury the only player in the line up with with HR power from the left side is Tex. so adding a power hitter might make a lot of sense.


        • Get used to this for the next two years until the luxury tax issue goes away or the team is sold, whichever comes first. Cashman has been issued his marching orders and they include running this team on the cheap for 2013 and 2014. He's banking that the pitching will be good enough to support the runs that this lineup will create. We've been spoiled for a long time. We can only hope it works. But who knows.

  2. Ross sucked out of Fenway, but maybe that was just bad luck and a SSS. Anyway, that guy Josh Willingham looks way better…

    • Except Josh Willingham is currently under contract with the Twins through 2014 and in his entire career Willingham has played less then 40 games in right field and his defense stunk when he did play there. I don't know how much importance I would place on his home and away splits in 2012 in Boston. He seems to play better in his home ballpark wherever that is. In 2011 in SF he had better numbers at home and that was the same case in 2010. In 2009 he was pretty consistent home and away. It looks to me like home is where the heart is in his case.