Toronto claims Whiteside

Via Ken Rosenthal, the Blue Jays have claimed catcher Eli Whiteside off of waivers after the Yankees DFA’d him to make room for Andy Pettitte‘s new contract. That’s not necessarily a huge deal, as the light hitting 33 year old is hardly the sort of player you lose sleep over losing to a waiver claim, but it does mean that the Yankees are down one potential option for replacing Russell Martin. Conversely, the Blue Jays already had three catchers in their organization in J.P. Arencibia, the recently acquired John Buck, and top prospect Travis d’Arnaud. That would lead me to believe they plan on trading Arencibia or Buck, though it would be tough to see them moving either to a divisional rival just as they seem to be poised to contend for the division crown.

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One thought on “Toronto claims Whiteside

  1. I could see Toronto trading Buck to NYY because Buck is expensive and terrible, and would make the Yankees worse.