Yankees still interested in Stephen Drew

With the likelihood of Alex Rodriguez missing quite a bit of playing time following hip surgery on the horizon, the outlook for the rest of the offseason figures to change pretty sharply for the Yankees. We already knew that the team wanted to add another infielder, potentially to fill a “super-sub” role on the left side of the infield, but with the starting third base position now open, at least on an interim basis, that need has certainly calcified for Brian Cashman and company.

One name that has repeatedly come up on this front is shortstop Stephen Drew. Reports have been out there for weeks that the Yankees were interested in acquiring Drew to backup A-Rod and Derek Jeter, and Jim Bowden tweeted as much just yesterday, reporting that the Yankees were concerned with the lack of range of their aging infielders. I’ve been pretty skeptical of this possibility, if only because the fact that someone is bound to be interested in using Drew as a starter made it tough for me to see him signing up for a bench role, but now that he could be a starting third baseman for at least the first two or three months could make a big difference in negotiations. I don’t know how deep into their checkbooks the Yankees’ desire for Drew, or any other journeyman infielder for that matter, runs, but if they’re willing to pony up the top dollar offer, they probably shouldn’t have much trouble finding a viable stopgap on a one year contract.

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2 thoughts on “Yankees still interested in Stephen Drew

  1. Drew's a nice player, but he's another left hand bat for a team that needs some right hand balance. I kind of wish they'd say to Nunez, you're the 3B and unless he turns into the second coming of Rich McKinney (for all you old-timers out there), leave him there. Then sign Chavez and bring back Nix. They designated Nix the other day and he accepted the minor league assignment. Alex's surgery will place him on the 60 day at the start of the season, so the roster spot won't be an issue. There will probably be at least one or two more 60 day candidates before April 1, so there will be roster flexibility.

    This is going to be some chess game Cashman is going to have to play this winter.

  2. This has never come up on any of the rumor mills but I just wanted to throw this out. I wonder if the Yankees or the powers that be have given any thought to possibly offering Kevin Youkilis a 1 year deal. Just a thought.