Is Swisher San Francisco bound?

Just tweeted by Jon Heyman:

swisher will wait for hamilton deal, said @ScottMCBS. word is, he’d like to go to the #SFGiants. #redsox also in play

Well, this is certainly interesting. Personally, I’d rather see Nick Swisher head to the National League than see him ship up to Boston. Plus, could you imagine the ovation he’d get in his first Stadium appearance as a Red Sock? If he thought the stuff that was directed his way during the ALCS was bad, multiply that by, oh I don’t know, infinity?

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4 thoughts on “Is Swisher San Francisco bound?

  1. jay_robertson

    I dunno – I wouldn't mind watching him flame out 30 or 40 times against the Yankees; totally agree, his welcome back wouldn't be much like the one Godzilla got on his first game back.

  2. Jacques

    Could be better if he goes to the Red Sox, because he will go 2-for-20 in the playoffs (If the Sox makes it btw)

    • Bill

      Big if.

  3. Bill

    Swisher to the Giants makes more sense. That's a now team and he can hide in that lineup come the postseason. Posey and Sandoval will cover for him.

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