Olney: Yankees could trade Granderson

I don’t know if there’s any meat to this, but make of it what you will: Buster Olney tweeted late last night that the Yankees are “open” to trade talks involving Curtis Granderson. I suspect at this point the Yankees are “open” to trade talks involving everyone in the organization short of C.C. Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte, but there you go. I know Granderson has fallen out of favor with a lot of fans, and trading him has certainly become something of a grassroots priority, but I really don’t see where you’re going to find a good deal at this point. He’s only got one year left on his contract, and he finished the 2012 season in something of a huge funk with a metric ton of strikeouts. Selling low on him now as the Yankees are already short a catcher, third baseman, and right fielder would basically mean punting the 2013 season, and wouldn’t necessarily help the Yankees any in 2014 either.

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14 thoughts on “Olney: Yankees could trade Granderson

  1. Trade him only if we can get justin upton or that type of return. Which isn't likely. I would throw around a nunez/granderson package to see what might come back.

    • Why put Nunez in any trade? We don't know if Jeter can play SS defensively on a daily basis yet.

      Granderson has a very limited market. I just don't think the Yankees can get a big return for him.

  2. Don't like it at all. Still a big Grandy fan. A CF hitting 40 HR makes up for Garnder and Ichiro to be powerless corner OFers. Plus, they you have an awesome defensive lineup in the OF. Let's also not forget that Granderson is an awesome clubhouse presence and a class act all the way and that shouldn't be forgetten. After Mo, Pettitte and dare I say, Jeter, have retired, and Arod, Cano, Tex and CC are left, Grandy and Tex are going to be the clubhouse leaders.

    • I'm not positive that even if they hadn't made that trade, the Yankees would've had the patience to wait for him to develop from the strikeout prone low OBP guy he was a few years ago. At least we got Granderson for him

      • Can't argue. But, otoh, that's at least part of the reason why we're where we are today. A bunch of ex-stars playing out their long-term high-dollar contracts.

        and – a couple young stars about to sign long-term high-dollar contracts.

  3. The only deal I could see would be to swap Grandy for a starting catcher who is likewise a year away from free agency plus an interim third baseman or outfielder. I don't know if anyone falls into that category or if his current team needs a centerfielder (though a centerfielder who hits 40 homers a year is usually a welcome result). I don't see the Yankees keeping him after this year, so if they can get comparable value from a catcher plus another player, I could see that happening.

  4. Yeah, as much as I'm okay with the concept of trading Granderson, I'm likely against the execution of it. He's just not the kinda guy where you should want to take 85 cents on the dollar. Unless you can get full value to fill holes in the lineup (now and going forward) then it's not worth it…

  5. Sounds idiotic, but Granderson, Ivan Nova, Gary Sanchez, Mason Williams, Mike Montgomery for Santana and Choo from Cleveland? (aka good bye farm system for Yankees)