Red Sox and Victorino agree to a three-year deal

Looks like Shane Victorino is heading to his fourth team in nine years after agreeing to a three-year/$39M deal with the Boston Red Sox. Of course, as always, it’s pending a physical.

Alex Speier first reported the deal as done.

The Red Sox had a lot of money freed up after their blockbuster trade in August which sent Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Thanks to that deal, they’ve been able to sign Victorino and Mike Napoli who also got a three-year/$39M contract this week.

Next up for the Red Sox, some pitching because as much as Yankee fans would benefit from it, they can’t possibly go into 2013 with the pitching staff as is.

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One thought on “Red Sox and Victorino agree to a three-year deal

  1. Jacques

    Dan Haren got a one-year $13 million deal. What were the Red Sox thinking? Are they really feeling confident with John Lackey?

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