Report: Yanks are in talks with A.J. Pierzynski

According to a tweet from Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, the Yankees are in talks with A.J. Pierzynski.

According to executives with other teams, the Yankees are in talks to sign A.J. Pierzynski. Certainly seems like a good fit for both sides.

Pierzynski, 35, batted 278/.326/.501/.827 for the Chicago White Sox in 2012 with 27 home runs and 77 RBI. That would certainly replace Martin’s production in the lineup and he’s a veteran catcher who could probably work well with the pitching staff.

This could be an interesting development.

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13 thoughts on “Report: Yanks are in talks with A.J. Pierzynski

  1. He is a great guy who will stop and talk to fans at any time unlike many players he is good for the game

  2. Two years would give Romine a chance to spend more time in Triple A and to see if he can stay healthy for the season. It would also pretty much give J.R. Murphy the Yankees prospect the next 2 season to get through Double A (where he spent a short time last year) and Triple A. If all goes well he should be ready by the 2015 season if not a little sooner.

  3. Looks like the next 24 to 48 hours are going to be very interesting for Cashman and Company. He seems to be juggling a lot balls right now. And from this fans perspective there is no one better.

    • Agreed. He's doing the best he can with the hand he's being dealt by Hal. Not a big AJ fan, mostly because of his act, but I'll have to learn to live with him if he comes here. He strikes me as Swisher's evil twin. Plus I heard Youkilis was willing to take a 1 year deal. Can you imagine having Pierzynski and Youkilis in pinstripes?

      • The word on Youkilis and 1 year is he said he's willing to take a 1 year deal but only if it's at a premium price. I doubt that's something that would interest the Yankees.

          • Just my opinion but I don't think Youkilis is worth a premium price even for 1 year. I realize the Yankees want to try and stay with 1 year deals as best they can. But they also can't look to replace 5 to 7 players on their 25 man roster plus fill spots for guys reaching FA. and still field a competitive team never mind a championship team. Right now the Yankees will have to sign OR replace the following players whose contract expire at the end of 2013:
            Ichiro – if they resign him to 1 year, would be a FA in 2014
            Granderson – FA after this year
            Jeter – Potentially may retire if he does not exercise his option
            Cano – FA after this year
            Hughes – FA after this year
            Kuroda -FA after this year
            Pettitte – FA after this year
            Joba = FA after this year

            That's 3 starting pitchers, 3 starting position players potentially (Cano, Granderson and Ichiro), 1 relief pitcher and that's not including any players they may choose to non tender for 2014. That's an insane amount of quality starters to potentially have to replace in 1 year.

  4. If its ONE year, who cares? Beggars can't be choosers – but the Yankees are only BEGGARS in 2014. Its starting to look like what – maybe 2003, 2004 redux?