Winter Meetings Day One Wrap Up

Usually the first day of the meetings is slow, but a surprising amount of news and signings happened yesterday.


  • The Giants agreed to sign Angel Pagan to a four-year $40 million deal. The 31 year old outfielder was likely on the Yankees list of potential right fielders, however the organization appears wary of multi-year contracts this season.

Yankees News And Notes

If you couldn’t tell, I am extremely skeptical about the majority of the rumors from yesterday. At this time of year, agents, players, and owners makes up all sorts of stuff to try to manipulate the free agent market. There are quite a few rumors that directly contradict each other, and in the fast paced environment of the hot stove season, many reporters go unchecked. You really can’t trust anyone until sources start to agree on a subject, but there are certain writers that are notorious for knowingly stating shady rumors.

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One thought on “Winter Meetings Day One Wrap Up

  1. crazy idea that i am sure the yankees have thought of and decided against because it would blantantly circumvent the 2014 Tax threshold, but if they didnt go overboard maybe selig would let it go. i dont think mlbpa would have any problem with it either… what if they extended arods contract 5 more years at 2 million dollars a year making it now a ten year contract at 123 million instead of 5 years at 113?

    they would still ultimatly have to pay taxes in the last 5 years for basically nothing but it would drop his AAV by alot for 2014. Players association could have no beef because he is still getting his money plus a ten million dollar bonus for doing nothing.

    problem is selig would probably nix the extension as cap circumvention….a guy can dream though