Yankees could trade Hughes too

In addition to rumors of possibly being open to trading Curtis Granderson, the Yankees will listen to trade proposals involving Phil Hughes, according to Joel Sherman. However, Sherman notes that the Yankees still intend to compete in 2013, a goal that’s not necessarily conducive to trading established big league contributors for prospects and/or salary relief. This is why I can’t really see the Yankees working out any agreeable deal for Granderson, but Hughes could be another matter. For one thing, Hughes is the team’s fourth starter on paper, and replacing him with Ivan Nova or David Phelps wouldn’t be the worst move ever, and for another, I have a perhaps irrationally optimistic outlook of what Hughes could do in a big park, especially in the National League. If he were willing to sign an extension as part of a deal, I can see teams having enough interest that they might part with something the Yankees are looking for in return. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a long shot, but it’s at least within the realm of possible outcomes if there are actual, serious, trade talks at any point. I think.

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9 thoughts on “Yankees could trade Hughes too

  1. There's only one problem with the above scenario. Sure, Hughes is the Yankee's 4th start NOW, but what happens in '14? Neither Kuroda or Pettitte are likely to be on the team. Trade Hughes, and in a year they could be looking for 3 starters if neither Nova or Phelps pan out, unless they get a quality arm in return.

    • well hughes isnt a lock to resign with us anyway so we will still be looking for 3 rotation spot even if he stays. just gotta hope pineda comes back strong and nova finds his second half 2011 form.

  2. Trade him and he becomes yet another Ian Kennedy or A.J. Burnett – funny how guys learn how to pitch when they change uniforms.

    <light bulb goes on> So THAT'S why lame teams go with "throwback" uniforms. I shouldn't kid – much more "austerity" and the Yankees might have to use that trick.

  3. I don't know what to say about a piece that basically says trading Hughes and replacing him with Nova and Phelps wouldn't be the worst move ever. First off the comment in itself is erroneous. As it stands today the Yankees rotation is: CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes and Nova. If they traded Hughes they would be replacing him with Phelps. I like Phelps don't get me wrong but he has made exactly 11 starts in him MLB career and of those 11 starts he has gone 6 innings or more only 3 times. After the way Nova pitched in 2012 is that really what the Yankees want, Nova as their #4 and Phelps as their #5. And like the previous poster said then what happens in 2014 when Kuroda and Pettitte are gone? There is no guarantee that Pineda will be even a middle of the rotation guy at this point in 2014. The thought or even the suggestion at this point that the Yankees head into the 2014 season with just: CC, Nova and Phelps as healthy starters is scary.

    • "I don't know what to say about a piece that basically says trading Hughes and replacing him with Nova and Phelps wouldn't be the worst move ever. "

      That would sort of depend on what they're getting back for him, right?

      • Whatever it would be unless it's a starter it would leave the Yankees rotation in a world of hurt. That's just my opinion.

        • But because Steinbrenner is very picky about $189 million budget, Hughes might not get a deccent contract from Cashman which could leave Hughes departing after 2013. Then it would make sense to trade him now if the Yankees get a good offer.

          And the reason why Phelps did not go longer than 6 innings often last year was because Girardi was very cautious about pitch counts and switching him back and forth between starter and the bullpen. Phelps also made 4 additional starts last year in minors to stretch his arm out as well. So inserting him into the rotation right now would not be a huge concern

  4. I think if they trade Hughes, they'll end up regretting it. Package Granderson and Nova in a deal and see what you can get back. Although with Granderson on his walk year, the return may not be as much as it ordinarily would. But the payroll flexibility you'd gain by shedding the Granderson contract and the decision that would have to be made in 2014 might be worth it.