And the first offer of the Winter Meetings goes to…

Nate Schierholtz! Come on down, you’re the first contestant on the $189 Million Pyramid!

Joel Sherman tweeted:

 Nate Schierholtz has an offer in hand from#Yankees, I believe it is 1st firm offer NYY has made to a position plyr this offseason


Schierholtz split time between San Francisco and Philadelphia last year – he was traded to the Phillies in July. He batted .257/.321/.407 with a wOBA of.314 and wRC+ of 98 in 114 games.

I guess he’s better than nothing at this point. And I can’t wait to find out what the actual offer is.

Update: A tweet from @jcrasnick: Nate Schierholtz has agreed on 1 year deal with Cubs, source says

Now, the Yankees can’t even outbid the Cubs.

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4 thoughts on “And the first offer of the Winter Meetings goes to…

  1. Why would they ever want to sign him or even think about signing him when you have Dickerson who hit .320 in triple a…. UNLESSS…. They're planning to trade granderson soon and gardner would be the center fielder with dickerson in LF (his natural position) and Nate as a platoon with a right handed bat like Scott Hairston. (think outside the bun.

    • Dickerson just won't get a shot to start unless injuries occur, which is probably for the better. Relying on him for a whole season would just be a bad move.

  2. Well I guess times are a changing , nothing to look forward to this off season. I guess doing nothing is better then lasts years trade with SEA .