Olney: Yankees frontrunners for Schierholtz

The Yankees are the early favorites to sign free agent outfielder Nate Schierholtz, tweets ESPN’s Buser Olney. The soon to be 29 year old outfielder was non-tendered by the Phillies last week after hitting .257/.321/.407 in the N.L. in 2012. If the Yankees were to sign him, he would presumably be slotted into right field, perhaps as the left-handed half of a platoon there, though I suppose it wouldn’t be shocking if he was an everyday outfielder either. He actually doesn’t have much of a platoon split in his career (a 90 wRC+ vs. LHP, compared to a 96 mark against righties), he just hasn’t gotten much of a chance to play against lefties, with just 271 career plate appearances against them. Signing Schierholtz would also probably mean not bringing back Ichiro Suzuki, as I highly doubt the Yankees would want to construct a roster with four left-handed hitting outfielders.

Personally, I’m pretty un-enthused about the prospect of signing Schierholtz. The guy is a thoroughly mediocre hitter who’s does everything adequately, I guess, but doesn’t really stand out in any respect, and he doesn’t really ad much in the way of defense or baserunning, either. Given the choice I’d much rather see the Yankees just bring back Ichiro, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

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6 thoughts on “Olney: Yankees frontrunners for Schierholtz

  1. Brien, you are wrong about this one. This guy is an excellent rightfielder with a cannon of an arm, and he has a decent bat which could come to life in the hitting friendly atmosphere of the AL East. This would be a very smart signing in my opinion. Great glove and arm, with the possibility of some offensive upside moving from San Francisco and the pitchers parks of the NL West to Yankee Stadium and the bandboxes of the AL East..

  2. OPS .826 vs. RHP last year. Has a big arm. .166 ISO vs. RHP since 2010, which should be helped by YS2.

    He's a platoon player, but with the right RHB complement he might be a very good, cheap piece.

  3. Good arm, decent bat. And 10 years younger than Ichiro, which probably counts for something. Not a bad platoon player. Possibly could be more, but that might be stretching. Probably looking at 18-20 HR in the Stadium.

    Still would love to see Granderson traded. That might allow some more creativity.

  4. This type of signing, if it happens, might be a good thing. IMHO, the Yankees need to get away from the perception they should have a all-star at every position. Ever since the end of the 1996-2001 dynasty, they've seeming gone after the big names, either by free agent signing or by trade. We saw guys like Giambi, Damon, Matsui, and of course, A-Rod on the roster. If you look at the dynasty teams, other than Jeter there weren't a lot of superstars on those teams. Just guys like Brosius(sp), O'Neill and Martinez, good players that produced when it counted. Maybe it's time they got back to that. Besides, as Bill pointed out, he's only 29. Getting younger is something else they need to do.

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  6. Un-enthused might be a good word for a fan to use. I prefer STUPID. To let Ichiro go to sign another mediocre player is just plain STUPID.