Report: Chavez to the Diamondbacks

Cross off another third baseman and this time it was someone the Yankees had on their roster last season. Eric Chavez has agreed to terms on a deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Jon Heyman tweeted:

#diamondbacks agree to terms with eric chavez.

I don’t even know what to say at this point but it looks like the Yankees could have a void at third base on Opening Day.

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17 thoughts on “Report: Chavez to the Diamondbacks

  1. Ericness

    This one surprises me a bit, especially since all indications were he liked being in the Bronx and this is the kind of guy the team is looking at right now. Curious to see what the terms are but I also can't help but feel the Yankees got lucky last year with him not spending much DL time. This feels like a bad omen though.

  2. jay_robertson

    Nunez at short, Pena at 3rd? Or vice versa?

    • Hugh

      Pena's gone, I believe.

      • jay robertson

        I couldn't remember – thanks.

  3. cb3-

    No panic see 2009 opening day roster and 3B…
    Derek Jeter, SS
    Johnny Damon, LF
    Mark Teixeira, 1B
    Hideki Matsui, DH
    Jorge Posada, C
    Robinson Cano, 2B
    Xavier Nady, RF
    Cody Ransom, 3B
    Brett Gardner, CF

    • srosegots

      That's all well and good but in 2013 the Yankees will still need a catcher and a right fielder too.

  4. Jerry Wichinsky

    Open letter to the Steinbreener family: iI beg of you. please sell the Yankees to someone who has an interest in winning! You have ruined the most gloriuos franchise in sports history! PLEASE SELL before you inflict further damage!

    • Boris Kizhner

      Jerry, I'm glad that you are making this "informed" statement, knowing every deal that is being worked on. Don't be shy about setting Cashman straight. Contrary to what you believe, THE SKY IS NOT FALLING. I would rather make good deals that make both financial and performance sense. I reserve the right to comment ONLY when the final roster is set. BREATHE.

  5. jay_robertson

    I hear there's a plan in the works to swap CC and A-Rod for the entire KC Royals roster. The Steinbrenners are viewing it as a salary dump.

  6. Bill

    Too bad. Chavez was a nice fit here. The fact that Martin and Chavez moved so quickly to leave might be telling us something. Something that isn't good. Let's see what's next.

    • Tommy

      I don't think there are greener pastures in Arizona or Pittsburgh, though. So maybe the Yankees really had no interest. I'm not sure either.

      • ProfRobert

        The point is, the Yankees should have had an interest in them. These are both guys who have shown they can play in New York, who are good citizens, and who could really contribute this next year. Chavez could have been a terrific platoon at third until (and, sadly, maybe even after) A-Rod returned.

  7. John

    Why is nobody talking about Nix at 3rd?

  8. Jacques

    Nunez it is

    • Hugh

      Quite like the idea of Nunez at third. Yanks could raise money for a proper replacement for ARod by jacking up the prices of seats behind 1st base on the basis that you'd be almost certain to get a ball from the game with Nunie throwing that far across the diamond.

      • timarimba


      • ProfRobert

        Yeah, but all the Mother Olbermanns would never sit there, so it's not clear what the market for those seats might be.

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