Report: Keppinger to the White Sox for three years

Welp, you can cross Jeff Keppinger off the Yankees’ free agent possibility list. According to Jon Heyman, Keppinger was signed (or is very close to being signed) to a three-year deal with the Chicago White Sox.

Hearing keppinger to white sox, 3 yrs

As the end of the Winter Meetings gets closer, the Yankees look to be one of the teams leaving Nashville with nothing to show for it.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal just tweeted that it’s a three-year deal worth $12M.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Keppinger to the White Sox for three years

  1. I really wish Cashman owned this team, if only because it seems like he cares and if he had complete control the Yankees wouldn't be in this situation they are now. Nevertheless, i believe the Yankees will make a huge splash in the off-season and the roster will look hugely different then it does now.

  2. As the winter progresses and choices dwindle, my Yankee hopes are seeming more like Bart Simpson shivering at Kamp Krusty insisting beyond hope, "Krusty's coming… Krusty's coming…"

    We're all going to wake up one morning with Nunez as the starting 3b and Cervelli starting at catcher and who knows what retread in right, and a collective "WTF" will ring out across Yankeeland.

    • [Kent is about to interview the rebel leader …]
      Homer: "Don't be the boy, don't be the boy …"