Reports: The Yankees made an offer to Keppinger. Oh wait, no they didn’t.

In what’s becoming a theme of the Winter Meetings, conflicting reports have surfaced about what exactly happened between the Yankees and Jeff Keppinger.

Jon Heyman tweeted at the top of the hour (around 4 p.m.) that the Yankees offered Keppinger more than what Chicago offered but he chose the White Sox anyway.

A few moments ago, Buster Olney tweeted that the Yankees never made an offer to Keppinger.

Is anyone else as amused by this stuff as I am? Anyway, for more of “As The Yankees Turn…” stay here for all of our updates.

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5 thoughts on “Reports: The Yankees made an offer to Keppinger. Oh wait, no they didn’t.

  1. God why am I praying we just pony up the money for 1 year of youk? That is a true sign of the yankees apocolypse.

  2. If stop and look at the players and who they are we are talking about players that at the end of the day are barely above replacement level. So I don't understand the worry over not signing them. Martin I might understand a little bit for his defense and lack of other real options. There are still other 3b/ utility IF options still available yet. Keppinger at 32 had a career year that he will probably never replicate. Does anyone really Chavez would be able to play 100 games again this year and if he did?

    • +1

      This is kind of the equivalent of that panic buying mood on Christmas eve right now.

      That said, I get why. Though the guys on offer are nothing to write home about, they're better in many cases than the in-house options right now.

  3. I gotta tell you, I am pretty disgusted right now with what isn't going on with the Yankees. I feel like they just don't care anymore. They are letting replacement third basemen slip through their hands, not to mention Martin. And, not signing Ichiro just does not make any sense to me, he brought excitement back to the team and to watching them play. I fully understand their goal for 2014, but with the uncertainty of Alex in the game (or his ability to perform when he is in the game), the uncertainty of Jeter's capabilities next season due to his injury, the uncertainty of a decent, reliable backstop, the uncertainty of a decent, reliable right fielder, the uncertainty of who will be the DH on any given day, and at what level that DH will perform; I just don't think their focus is on 2013 at all. Not to mention the fact we don't really know if Tex will show up ready to hit on opening day or will we have to wait a month or two (like usual). Is anyone else out there getting that gut feeling we are looking at a boring and very, very mediocre 2013?