The Yankees can’t sign anyone

The theme of the day seems to be that the Yankees can’t close the deal with any of their (few) targets. So far this week, the only two names we’ve seriously heard the Yankees connected to have been Jeff Keppinger and Nate Schierholtz, but now it appears that both of those men will be taking their talents to the Windy City. Keppinger, of course, signed with the White Sox earlier this afternoon, and Jerry Crasnick has just reported that Schierholtz has accepted a one year offer from the Cubs, of all teams. I can’t necessarily say that I’m terribly broken up by the Yankees losing out on either, but for an offseason that’s mostly been defined by who the Yankees are not interested in, this lack of reciprocated interest from a couple of players they were targeting certainly isn’t encouraging.

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7 thoughts on “The Yankees can’t sign anyone

  1. Here you go when the mistakes are made paying a part time player 250 millions, this year coming up will be a good opportunity to take aloof the the farm and start thinking to get the time younger and stronger for the near future. Stop wasting money on old players the will come for a year to hope for a ring before their retirement.

  2. Good we didn't need Nate because we have Chris Dickerson who's 5x better and now we need Scott Hairston to platoon but he'll prob also sign somewhere else. So who will sign with the yanks? Ichiro? Sizemore? Hafner? Utility players seem to be gone but there's always Youk who can play corner outfield and corner infield. Casey McGhee? Polanco? You can't really say there will be big moves because this offseason is mostly young players looking for multiyear deals. The 'BIG MOVE' this offseason could be a trade for Carlos Santana, maybe Carlos Gonzalez, Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Upton, a young pitcher? Or it could just be us getting a prospect or two by trading granderson who at this point is just a smaller Adam Dunn.
    I actually think it would be smarter to sign multiyear deals to have a better idea of a payroll.
    I see it like this for 2014: KURODA GONE MO GONE PETTITTE GONE JETER UNKNOWN GRANDY GONE HUGHES GONE JOBA GONE AARDSMA GONE CANO UNKNOWN. As you can see there is many holes that need to be filled. By 2014 most of our top prospects will be up or traded and we'll have alot to do. My potential 2014 lineup is:
    2B CANO
    1B TEX (Saxon butler maybe

  3. Hopefully they are saving all that room in their fake salary cap for Greinke. Or maybe they'd just like to pocket it along with the millions they are going to get for putting a crap team on the field.

  4. Brien – can you really blame these guys for not being interested in the Yankees? They KNOW who they are; at best, they're temporary filler, extra parts, and are likely to be DFA'd before spring training. (like that catcher, remember?)

    Sure – they're signing with "inferior" teams – but they also have a much better chance of getting to PLAY all year. One can't improve one's stock while on the bench or in AAA; or off the team entirely. I haven't seen any legit first line players turn down a legit offer from the Yankees.

    The replacement players want to go where they can play; the way things are going, odds are they wouldn't/couldn't stick with the Yankees long enough to "get a ring."

    • I doubt any of these guys would have been DFA'd unless they were just god awful, and Schierholtz in particular probably would have been the primary RF'er. Not that I'm broken up about it or anything.

  5. None of the guys (except maybe Chavez) signing elsewhere is anything to get overly excited about, either way. Jax makes a good point in the initial comment. Younger and cheaper is the way to go. Although some of that younger and cheaper isn't quite ready, thus you might have to bite the bullet on some expensive short term gap fillers.

    With all the crap that Cashman and Hal take about this austerity program, not enough negative attention is being heaped on Hank (and whomever else) made the deal with Rodriguez in the winter of 2007. The CC and Teixeira deals are iffy enough, but the A-Rod deal was the one that is primarily causing this sleight-of-hand maneuvering that is being done at the moment.