Winter Meetings Day Two Wrap Up

Still no major moves by the Yankees in the Winter Meetings, but signings, trades, and news continued around the league.



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2 thoughts on “Winter Meetings Day Two Wrap Up

  1. Sherman wrote he’s getting strong indication the Yankees don’t want Pierzynski, which is my thinking on the subject. When I read yesterday they may be in on him, one I didn’t believe the source, but two I immediately just thought it was AJ’s agent trying to gain leverage by using an old trick. If the Yankees were going to lay down 2 or 3 years on a catcher it was Martin, by not signing Martin I think they are sending the message they are going into the season with what they have behind the plate.

    Not sure what the Sox were thinking with Victorino, 39 million for a guy who’s been pretty bad against right handed bats the majority of the last 3 seasons is crazy.

    The only way I would want to see Granderson traded is if it was clearing money for Upton, otherwise I think the best option is to take the draft pick next offseason.