Yankees have made a big offer for Youkilis

Yesterday’s theme was potential Yankee targets signing with other teams, including a couple of potential interim third basemen in Eric Chavez and Jeff Keppinger. That’s left the board pretty thin as the Yankees look for someone to fill in for Alex Rodriguez, and apparently they don’t want a repeat of that, to say the least. According to Bryan Hoch, the Yankees have made Kevin Youkilis an offer of $12 million for one year, which jives with the “premium salary” he was supposedly looking for in exchange for a one year deal. That’s pretty strange, I guess, but the Yankees desperately need someone to plug the hole at third base, and if they’re going to insist on signing nothing but one year deals, they’re going to have to lay out more dollars for anyone but true scrap heap projects. I’m not terribly wild about Youkilis at this point in his career, but the alternatives are slim, and not overpaying anyone in 2013 likely means having too many holes to win the remarkably deep American League East.

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9 thoughts on “Yankees have made a big offer for Youkilis

  1. I'm OK with a one year overpay for virtually anyone. Even Youk. Would love to see him booed in Boston.

    Next year, it's all Charlie Brown "I GOT A ROCK" time.

  2. Youkilis will be OK as a one year stop gap if he can stay in one piece. Problem is that they lost their LH insurance policy when Chavez left. I'm now wondering if the Yankees will indeed take a flyer on Chone Figgins. There isn't a lot out there unless there's trade about to be sprung.

  3. I'm not prone to saying alarmist things like this, but I seriously might give up my ticket package if the Yankees sign Youkilis. I simply cannot stand that guy even if he's not on the Sox anymore. I'm so frustrated with management right now. Austerity is the solution to our problems! I think Congress is secretly running the Yankees.

    • "I think Congress is secretly running the Yankees." If that were really the case, we'd sign Hamilton, Greinke, and Bourn, and try to lure Sandy Koufax and Ron Guidry out of retirement.

    • Really? I love the guy as a competitor (and thus hated him on the Sox). Plus, he's the Greek God of Walks Who's Actually Jewish. Plus, he looks like the Golem! Plus, this would be another in a long line of ex-Sox coming to the Yankees (The Babe, Ruffing, Lyle, El Tiante, Boggs, Clemens, Damon) who will just torment the Red Sox and their noxious fans. I so, so hope he takes the Yankees offer.

  4. I can think of no worse potential Yankee than Kevin Youkilis – the bad guy from Rookie of the Year.

  5. I'd like it – if only for the shots of the dugout with Youk sitting next to Joba. ;D

  6. Joba would launch a 95+ mph fastball at Youk's ugly mug from the media crowd during the introductory press conference.