A-Rod is relieved and committed

Here are a couple of quotes from Alex Rodriguez from a story the Associated Press ran today:

“I’m not concerned,” Rodriguez told The Associated Press. “I’m actually, in many ways, relieved that there’s something tangible that we can go fix.”

He may not be concerned but everyone else should be.

“I am fully committed to a very hard road back,” Rodriguez said. “We’ve done it before in ’09 and it was a great result, both on a personal level and on a team level, more importantly. I take it as a great challenge and I’m excited for the challenge.”

Yes, we all remember what happened in 2009. It was a magical year – for lack of a better word – but it’s going to be 2013 this time around and if the recovery from his surgery goes well, Alex Rodriguez will be returning to the Yankees lineup shortly before he turns 38-years-old. Not that there’s anything wrong with being 38-years-old, I’m that age right now, but I also don’t have two surgically repaired hips and a litany of other injuries in my past like Rodriguez.

As much as I’d love for Alex to come back and mash like he used to, Yankee fans, and the team itself, have to be realistic. We may have seen the last of Alex Rodriguez the All-Star and what’s happening to him now may be the new normal.

According to beat writers on Twitter, Rodriguez will be speaking shortly and more in depth about his surgery.

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4 thoughts on “A-Rod is relieved and committed

  1. Of course he's committed to returning. Did anyone really think he was going to walk away from $25-30 mil? I'm afraid we're stuck with this guy and his diminishing production for another 5 years. Can you imagine how bad it's going to be in 2017, when he's 42 and struggling to hit over the Medoza line? It's going to be really ugly.

  2. This injury/surgery could really have a devastating effect on the Yankees ability to get under the Luxury Tax Threshold for 2014. A-Rod only needs 13 HR's to reach Mays's HR total and collect the 1st $6MM milestone incentive. But now it looks like with him probably only going to give the Yankees about 60 games in 2013 he won't reach that milestone until 2014. Since the Yankees payroll figure will be charged the entire $6MM in the year he reaches it. That's probably $6MM less in "regular" payrolls for players they can spend now. And getting under that $189MM figured already figured to be very, very difficult with the $6MM milestone incentive kicking in in 2014.

  3. Arod should do the right thing and retire. I know that he is a prideful man but he needs to look in the mirror and see what everone else sees, that he is done. Walk away and he'll keep his dignity.

  4. When will the Yankees get smart a FIRE JOHN STERLING. He is an abomnation to sportscasting. He makes me physically ill. An organization as smart as the Yankees should not continue to be stupid and keep this IDIOT as the voice of the Yankees. Unfortunally the Yankees love YES MEN [pun intended]. The Yankees love insulting peoples intellagence, Especally the manager. I have been a Yankee fan since 1976. I love my team, please stop insulting us.