Free agents can, in fact, change teams

I’d say we’ve officially reached the point in the offseason where the media is really mining the rumor mill for anything remotely interesting they can get. Yesterday it was talk that the Yankees might hit the proverbial bank shot and sign Josh Hamilton after all, and today it’s this report in the Daily News that Robinson Cano may be playing elsewhere in 2014. The problem is that there’s really nothing new in the report, nor anything concrete for that matter. It basically just says that Cano isn’t going to give the Yankees any discounts as he angles for his one chance at a big payday, and that he has no problem signing somewhere else if the Yankees don’t match the going rate for his services.

Actually, I take that back. There is one slightly interesting nugget here, but it’s only tangentially related to Cano. Rather, it’s this assessment of the Yankees’ organization from the ever popular rival executive. “I don’t think [Cano] be with the Yankees beyond next season,” they said. “He’s not giving them a hometown discount, and they seem to be more interested in keeping their payroll down than winning.” You always have to take these quotes with a grain of salt, but this has to be the first time in decades anyone has actually said that about the Yankees to a reporter.

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6 thoughts on “Free agents can, in fact, change teams

  1. Ugh…so all of us Yankee fans who have been complaining about overspending on the Sorianos etc, and buying overpriced FA will now get to see the other side if the coin…austerity and waiting for homegrown young talent to develop….hows that saying go? Careful what you wish for?

  2. I like Cano, but I have to say there are times when he seems to be slacking off. I can't see the Yankees entertaining any player and that includes Cano for 10 years and $200MM plus. If I'm Hal I make him a 6 year deal guaranteed with a 7th year team option max and at $22 or $23MM per max. I tell Boras that's the best he's going to get. If that doesn't work for Cano/Boras I get on the phone before this season starts and call a few teams GM's (Dodgers – Ned Colletti for example and a couple others) and trade Cano before the season for a bundle of players/prospects. Then I move on. Sorry but the team is far more important then any one player.

  3. At least we can look forward to a Monster season. .350, 40 HR, and an MVP would be fun to watch. I don't see him getting traded. You can't get fair value back and it no longer looks like Cash has the authority to do something like that. He'd need to pull something off, not the folks above him.

  4. I don't know if it would be a good idea to trade Cano or not, but it would be interesting to see what other teams might offer for him.

  5. Nice to see Hal Steinbrenner running the Yankees like the KC Royals. Hell, even the Royals are outspending the Yanks this offseason. His father understood that you have to spend money to make money. That's how the Yankees under George Steinbrenner went from being valued at $10 million in 1973 to somewhere in the neighborhood of $2-3 billion (more with the YES netowork included) today. We'll see if lil' Hal is such a big fan of austerity when his cheap ways result in the Yanks falling to last place and their average attendance per game shrinking to 15k. Just goes to show you that greatness skips a generation.