Yankees still talking to Ichiro

Though their primary concern at the moment is waiting on a decision from free agent Kevin Youkilis, the Yankees still have a hole to fill in right field, and with that in mind they are still engaged in talks with their own Ichiro Suzuki, tweets Jon Heyman. Ichiro was a pleasant surprise during his time with the Yankees in 2012, including a very strong postseason performance, and would seem to be a natural fit for a team obsessed with avoiding anything more than one year contracts this winter. On the other hand, many have speculated that the Yankees don’t want to have an all left-handed hitting outfield, especially one that includes both Ichiro and fellow light-hitter Brett Gardner.

All the same, both sides seem to prefer a reunion, and I wonder if a lot of the feather fluffing from both sides isn’t designed as a ruse to push the other closer to an agreement.

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3 thoughts on “Yankees still talking to Ichiro

  1. I like Ichiro and yes I do hope they re-sign him because of the things he can do that it seems like many of the "other" Yankees choose not to do like bunt, like take the extra base like steal a base, etc… Having said that if the Yankees do re-sign him I think it's incumbent on the Yankees to sign a right hand power bat as a DH. With Swisher moving on and A-Rod out the Yankees only real power right-hander is Tex. and it seems like he like to take the first couple of months to start the season off. Just my opinion.

    One other comment/question. What in the world is taking Youkilis so long to make a decision. As they say it's time for him "to chit or get off the pot".

  2. Yanks should sign Hamilton, Piersymski and Ross then trade Granderson.
    Cano should not get more then 7 years $160 mil or trade him too.

  3. No question Ichiro should be brought back. As far as Youkilis goes, the Yanks are unfortunately over a barrel at the moment, barring a trade that may or may not be forthcoming. Josh Hamilton is an intriguing figure, but he will literally die in New York. He's not worth the gamble.