Report: Indians close to signing Mark Reynolds

According to Jon Heyman, the Indians are close to signing Mark Reynolds:

Mark Reynolds close to signing with #indians

Reynolds was moved from third base to first and hit .221/.335/.429 with 23 homers and 69 RBI for the Orioles in 2012.

So how does this news affect the Yankees? Well, if the Indians sign Reynolds it could mean that Kevin Youkilis may end up in New York. The Indians, along with the Yankees were waiting on a decision from Youkilis – both teams offered him contracts – but with the Reynolds move, it looks like they may have gotten tired of waiting.


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4 thoughts on “Report: Indians close to signing Mark Reynolds

  1. uyf1950

    I like it because it probably means that Youkilis is going to be with the Yankees in 2013. That's a good thing. I just hope the rumor is right.

  2. Anders

    Can you imagine the reception Youkilis in Yankee gray would get at Fenway Park?

    • forged

      If it happens, I would imagine it would be the same sort of reaction that Boggs or Clemens got.

  3. friend

    I'm not finding it hard to envision Reynolds at first base for the Indians and Youkilis at third, or vice versa.

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