Rosenthal: Yankees making a push for Ichiro

So Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is reporting that the Yankees are “all over” Ichiro Suzuki.

 “They are all over him,” one source says. “That (a deal with Ichiro) will happen.”

That quote made me laugh just because of the imagery.

Ichiro came over to the Yankees in July after a trade with Seattle. He batted .261 with a .642 OPS in his 95 games with the Mariners. Then turned things around once he got to New York and batted .322 with a .794 OPS in 67 games with the Yankees.

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8 thoughts on “Rosenthal: Yankees making a push for Ichiro

  1. Yankees, push harder and get it done. The Yankees need to get Ichiro and Youkilis done then a right handed power bat. Work out a trade for Granderson and bring back Ibanez for 1 more year.

  2. Under the circumstances, that's the best plan we could hope for at this point. If Cashman can work out an equitable exchange for Granderson (and probably a pitcher), then they should be fine. If the pitching staff is healthy and productive and the bench is fleshed out with the proper components, then there's no reason they can't squeeze another 90-plus win season out of this group.

  3. Right now as best I can tell the Yankees opening day 25 man roster payroll assuming Youkilis signs for $12MM and Hughes, Robertson, Chamberlain and Logan are signed for about $13MM total but NOT including Ibanez or Ichiro will come to about $199MM +/-. Add in say another $12MM or so for Ichiro AND Ibanez and the Grand Total comes to $211MM +/-.
    Now of that $211MM roughly, about $93MM +/- dollars would be coming off the books at the end of the 2013 season from players whose contracts expire.

    • If this is true, THANK YOU! I've been wondering for days what it would come to. If this is true, it would give them a whopping 71 million to play with next season, which i guess is going to be used to get pitching. Alex Rodriguez is really killing this team with his contract. At least we can usually count on Tex, Sabathia and Jeter to be on the field…

      • Just keep in mind those numbers of mine here that make up the $211MM and the $93MM assume Youkilis, Ichiro and Ibanez are signed and for just 1 year,

  4. That is about the bottom line, however it does not factor in a few other things: (1) Hughes will be a free agent and we would likely have to pay him at least 10 million per; (2) Cano will be a free agent and looking for 20 million per. I think it is a given that at least Cano comes back and even if not Hughes then you have 15 million for 2 pitchers at a minimum (already up to 35 million). Need some bullpen help (8-10 million) and a new right fielder (Ichiro gone in 2014) and center fielder (Grandy). If you go cheap you can get decent guys for another 15 million combined for the outfield but that might be a mistake. Between the 'Pen and the outfield you have another 25 million at least putting you at 70 million. That equals the 189 Hal insists on. That being said, no way to sign any big names if you keep Cano and Hughes (you have to keep Hughes or have a weak rotation in CC's walk year). As it is, the team will have to play it cheap in 2014 as well to get under 189.

    Assuming they do get there, I would expect some HUGE signings after that knowing that 2015 and beyond you start to shed big contracts (Tex, Jeter, Arod) in successive years and big names are out there. Might be a down year or two but for those of us not spoiled by recent success, 2 years is nothing compared to the 1980's and early 90's.

    • In my opinion, if the Yankees plan on letting either Granderson, Hughes, or Cano go next off-season, they would most likely trade them now. Which is why Granderson and Hughes are actually possibilities to be traded this off-season. That would leave them weaker in the rotation and outfield, this season, but maybe they could get some big prospects that would help them in the future.

  5. i dont want ichiro are the yanks kidding 14 bucks to go over the bridge 20 dollars to park
    8 bucks for a hot dog 9 for a beer and they want to give me washed up ichiro get real yankees