On the Money

TYA’s Matt Imbrogno joined Stacey and I again tonight, and once again the three of us had entirely too much fun discussing the hot stove and…other things in baseball. But mostly we talked about the big offseason developments that have broken in the last few days, what the Yankees are up to, what we think about the impending return of Ichiro, and we may or may not have gotten an offer from the Dodgers midway through the hour. Enjoy!

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Born in Southwestern Ohio and currently residing on the Chesapeake Bay, Brien is a former editor-in-chief of IIATMS who now spends most of his time sitting on his deck watching his tomatoes ripen and consuming far more MLB Network programming than is safe for one's health or sanity.

2 thoughts on “On the Money

  1. Lively show today. Is that despite or because there was nothing much going on?

    Hey, Stacey, what kind of work are you out of?