Report: Youkilis to the Yankees for $12M

Ken Rosenthal just tweeted:

Source: #Yankees sign Youkilis, one year, $12M.

Well, well, well, it looks like Kevin Youkilis finally made up his mind and has signed with the Yankees. I guess he really didn’t have much of a choice in the matter and a one-year/$12M contract is nothing to sneeze at especially for a guy who has been on the decline the past three seasons and has been injury prone.

Youkilis hit .235/.336/.409 in 122 games split between the Red Sox and White Sox. He posted a .328 wOBA and a wRC+ of 102.

Wait, this is supposed to be a positive post because the Yankees finally signed someone this offseason who wasn’t previously on the team. Hooray?

Update from Buster Olney: Youkilis verbally agreed, hasn’t actually signed anything yet and he still has to take a physical.

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27 thoughts on “Report: Youkilis to the Yankees for $12M

  1. Alright, now that's what I'm talking about. One down, now it's time to get Ichiro's contract out of the way.

    Then just decide on the catching situation and the right handed power bat and we're ready for the 2013 season.

  2. Now that we've got Youkilis (provisionally), I say we sign Hamilton and Pierzynski next and see if we can recreate the Bronx Zoo next year. Not as a long term thing, but it would make for a highly entertaining 2013. If only we could hire Ozzie Guillén to be manager . . .

  3. With Youkilis's signing the Yankees now have 10 players under contract for 2013 making at least $10MM or more.

  4. I'm excited for this deal mainly because he should be an extremely interesting club house presence for a team that seems somewhat dead at times. He knows how to focus, but could definitely liven things up a bit, much like A.J did. Also, he has power from the right side which was needed desperately.

  5. What a weird offseason. Maybe he'll be an above average bat, maybe he'll bring some fire to an old team that probably needs some. I'm kinda bummed that this is a big deal. The freaking Royals have had a bigger offseason than the Yankees. I was a teenager during the Pre-Showalter dark days, I hope that isn't coming again.

  6. Poor Nunez. Seems like he is destined to go to Triple-A until he gets traded. I am not sure if he will beat Jayson Nix for the utility man.

    • It's a shame cause he has potential if he could work on his glove. He's definitely an interesting trade chip though.

      • Nunez will be the first guy ejected from a game for having too much pine tar on his GLOVE.

    • I don't get any complaints about this deal. The other option was basically Nunez, who the Yankees just didn't feel comfortable starting for 3 months. And you can't blame them for that. It's a one year contract. With their very good rotation, Jeter, Ichiro, Gardner, Tex, Cano, Youk and Granderson should have no problem at all putting up the runs they need to win ball games.

  7. I don't understand why there's so much pessimism here.

    He's 33 years old, not 38.

    He's signed to a one year deal, so, if he doesn't work out, he doesn't cripple the "austerity cap".

    Bill James's projection for him comes in almost exactly the same as ARod's and much, much better than Keppinger's or Chavez's. That's pretty much in line with intuition for those who prefer that to stats. ;-)

    Given his ability to take walks, his floor can never get that low.

    He played 122 games last year, which is pretty typical for him.

    Quality third basemen are hard to find.

    We can debate til the cows come home whether the Yankees could have found a better place to spend $12 million (or whether he's "worth" it), but the simplest view is this: there was a problem and it was addressed.

  8. Well, on the plus side for all of the naysayers: at least when people "boooooooooooooo" him at the stadium he'll think we're "Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk"ing him, so it's win-win on both sides?

  9. I like the signing. He has a .944 post season OPS. He can play 1st or 3rd, which is really important considering ARod. He's only signed for a 1 year contract, so $189m is still in play.

  10. I hated him when he played for the Sox – mainly because he always killed the Yanks. Glad to have him at 3rd base because I feel that A-Rod is done playing the field. If he makes it back from his second hip surgery, he should be the DH. Youk plays a capable 3rd, can also play 1st and DH. Besides, $12M is almost chump change in MLB these days.

  11. One move down, two to go. Sign Ichiro next and then make a move with Granderson if possible. That will further diversify the offense and should allow the Yanks to continue to challenge in 2013. Can't complain. Yet.

  12. Man, he is going to have to deck Pedroia or Ellsbury in the first Yankee Bosox scuffle to get me to like him, he better return as the Greek god of walks, instead of the Greek god of back pain/15 day dl…

  13. What a no brainer…

    If he can give them 120 games of very good play they'll be in great shape… u have him with jeter, ichiro, cano (if he toughens up), gardner…. the yankees are always going to hit their share of home runs but they need to have 5 or 6 guys in the lineup who can make themselves a tough out when it matters, not 2 or 3… we all know this was the chief problem in october

  14. With Youkilis agreeing to a contract it looks like the players taking the field on opening day are:
    Teixeira – 1st base
    Cano – 2nd base
    Jeter – SS
    Youkilis – 3rd base
    Granderson – LF
    Gardner – CF
    Ichiro – RF (probable, but not signed yet)
    ??? – Catching
    ??? – DH, It would not surprise me to see Nunez slotted in as the right handed DH

    Just my opinion.

  15. Is washington still shopping mike morse? I don't know the details of his contract at the moment but if he could be had for a reasonable cost and isn't tied to a huge deal he seems to fit the bill of a dh/corner outfielder/right handed power bat